5 Things That Happen When You Are An Awakened Soul On Earth: Number 3 Scares People To Death

by Conscious Reminder

Light Warrior is the term that we use today to describe the awakened people who are aware of the situation on our planet. These warriors of light raise enlightenment to a whole another level.

These five things will happen once you accept your warrior-of-light role in this world.

1. You will start noticing that you don’t fit in any type of group or school of thought.

The feeling that no one can understand you is growing stronger. You feel as if you don’t belong in this world and you get the urge to go ‘home’. The things that you once tolerated, you can barely stand now.

Light Warriors are not interested in media or anything else that people accept as ‘normal’. Spirituality becomes a way of life and you don’t feel the need to follow any religion or philosophy.

2. You become more compassionate.

As a warrior of light, you feel drawn to children, animals, elderly and nature. You would rather sit down and talk with a homeless person, then attend an ‘important’ social event.

Your kindness is real and you never get the need to revenge. You feel fulfilled only when you help the ones in need. You are completely aware that healing comes from the heart.

3. You just know things 

You don’t need words anymore. As a light warrior, you are experiencing deep emotions and need space and time to pray, contemplate and meditate. Overcrowded places can easily overwhelm you because you’re sensitive to other people’s energy and vibrations.

You sense others without obvious communication. Light warriors need isolation in order to charge their batteries because receiving and filtering other people’s vibrations can be draining.

4. People always tell you about their problems

There is a fine thread of light that connects light warriors with other people. Their heart is wide open and people feel safe to confess their secrets, confide their problems and share personal experiences with them.

Light warriors are careful listeners who help others in time of difficulties by conveying the universal wisdom.

5. Light Warriors are not afraid of death and dying 

Death is nothing but a door that leads to another level of existence. Many of these people had close encounters with death, were extremely sick or they overcame many life obstacles.

Their Journey allows them to let go of the illusion that death is final. Light warriors accept that life is transcendental.

As a warrior of light, your task is to keep your heart open, cultivate your conscious mind and help others ‘survive’ the transition we’re going through. 

It’s not your job to change anybody; Just accept their choices and spreads the Divine Light. Your presence represents an important improvement of spiritual evolution. You’re not alone.

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  1. Well, I can see all of those things in myself, and yet I still feel as if I have been “victimized” with a struggle for financial means. I know I am not a victim, however, I just can’t seem to rise above this place in life. And all of the spiritual stuff doesn’t encourage me in this unless I take the time and energy to just sit down and remember it’s there. Hard to do working two jobs with overtime and fending off the collections phone calls. I have a heart shaped yellow rock (my favorite color) that I keep in my pocket most days to remind me “Acceptance and Gratitude” even if I don’t have a moment to think of something appropriate. Just saying the words is often the only think I can do. It helps, but the dark cloud of Dukkha is always hovering close by to slink in when I’m feeling the weakest. It’s difficult to maintain hope. Just my thoughts.

    • Being among the working poor sucks and you have every right to feel discouraged. Those who are awake understand the ‘prison planet-slave matrix’ better than most – this model makes no sense for humanity. Hang in; I hope your troubles reduce swiftly.

    • if you ask your spirit guides to help you they will. be specific that way when it happens you will know its them helping you. i could go on all day with examples of how immensely helpful they have been in my life. they are waiting beside you for you to realize that they are there to help so start asking for them to help. you will be happy you did.

    • I have struggled with this issue for most of my life, having said that I now realize that, that is the problem. I made it an issue, a problem, giving it attention and focus. The first thing I did was give Thanks (don’t leave, I’m going somewhere with this) . Then through meditation and hypnosis (same thing) I realized I gave it power above all else, even how I felt about myself, I used it to criticize and belittle myself, when only loving myself will get me to where I want to be, in every issue. Like everything in this experience, the external is JUST a distraction, that is all it is, period. I decided that no matter what is going on in my life, in this world, in the lives of my beautiful children and grand children, there is nothing more important than I choose (take note of that word) to be HAPPY right here and right now. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    • Sherri
      Your comments are communicating that subconsciously every one and every thing in your World are more important than you. May I suggest learning about your individual character will communicate to your subconscious that you are more important than anyone, prioritising that goal through allocating time for reading about your individuality may help.
      Best Wishes

  2. I resonate majorly with this, it’s been going on the past couple of yrs. I had a NDE 5yrs ago, and about 2 yrs after it I became much more aware of Everything around me, I saw flashes of what I now know was of my experience During the time I was pronounced dead here on this Earth. It was flashes at first, as time passes, it’s getting more fluid like, (the memory). Or, it’s just like #3said, I just know, certain experiences were had, and this is a memory of that exp. A piece, of a huge puzzle that I’m supposed to put together.I also woke up one am knowing certain things, subjects, etc, that I had no knowledge of before my NDE took place. Ex: QUANTUM Physics, Statement analysis, body language reading, chakras/energy centers, etc. Alot of things I didn’t know or was even aware of before. It amazes me daily!!! It is also very draining, My compassion and sensitivity levels have expanded as well. I know this may sound like hogwash to some, but my experience and understanding since has changed my entire life!!! I am Not the same person I was before, and I know I never will be again. The biggest ore of the biggest changes for me is that I Do Not Fear Death Anymore!!! It was a big issue before, now I know it was a lie. Or has been presented as such. This here, is the Dream .. Not Death. (Physical Death)…

  3. #3 shouldn’t scare anyone, once you understand it you will be very comfortable in your own skin. Love and kindness, nothing else matters …….This is a great article. I was awakened at a very young age, or I always have been. It is time to learn about yourself, stop acting like your friends or family or what the news tells you, Be the best YOU That you can be.

  4. All said n done spirituality,awakening and its blissfulness is one of the best things normal people could ask 4..leavings many life changing issues openning the 3rd eye is very magical..after attaining all this,whats next?just watch the toxicated world through Gods eye..2bal cain

  5. I have always been a light warrior. I have not always known who i am, but the paths of my life continue to refine me as well as better define my life purpose. I am thankful for who I am and happy to be in beautiful company fellow light warriors.

  6. Im sensitive to people’s emotions, ( Empath ).
    I recieve knowledge without a voice.
    I smell purfume or cigarette smoke when no-one is there, i feel / sense a prescence, both negative n postive.
    At times i sense what is going to happen.


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