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The Soul Is Your True Existence, Nurture It!

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The life in the physical form of human body is soul. The reality and explanation of soul is the most discussed yet unanswered mystery of philosophy. Spiritualism though has claimed to be solving this puzzle and come up with an explanation of human existence.

The real existence  – an élan vital – the vital force that exists independent of physical human form. This is the ultimate force that controls our feelings and thoughts. Since soul is independent of body, it doesn’t cease to exist even after the death of physical form.

This concept explains the mysteries of creation and death, the role of consciousness during dreams, and even the principles of imagination and memory. Everything that lasts is part of soul – the real existence.

Conventional science tells us not to believe in spirituality and that the universe is an accident, humans are mix of proteins and carbons and once the heart stops beating, the human self is destroyed and its existence is ceased. However, this concept is unable to answer the reason of existence of soul.

Another important unsettled question is this approach is where the soul goes after the extinction of physical body. This scientific approach is totally opposite to any path of spirituality we take. Many spiritual leaders consider the human soul a link that connects the individual consciousness with the unimaginable consciousness of the universe. This gives soul a throne of highest importance in terms of existence.

So, when the human body ceases to exist, the soul on the other hand keeps living and goes and merges with mightier and appropriate energy vibrations in universe. Human self is made of two parts; the physical mortal body and the spiritual immortal soul.

Soul defines the good and bad conscience within us, the inner sense of goodness in us. It is incorporeal essence of a person and transcendent of material and ephemeral existence.

The real existence is the existence of soul. Therefore, whatever the activity of body, it is governed by the soul. The worldly knowledge takes over the intuition of soul sometimes but the choice of worldly knowledge is also a decision taken by the soul.

Under the layers and layers of flesh and blood lies the real existence that is strong enough to live even after the destruction of physical human. Nurturing the soul is the aim of life. Soul is nurtured through spirituality and mysticism. Accepting yourself as a whole and inseparable combination of soul and body is the key to success.

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