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6 Universal Problems Only Old Souls Will Understand

by Conscious Reminder

1. You’re always the outcast.

Old souls find it extremely difficult to fit in with other people, except, maybe, with other souls who understand them. Often, it is very difficult to find a kindred spirit, especially because old souls have trouble opening up to people. This can make you feel like you are an outcast living on the fringes of society.

2. People give you all the wrong labels.

People can’t quite figure you out. You don’t fit their boxes and that’s why they give you all the wrong labels. Funny enough, that’s their biggest mistake. You can’t put an old soul in any of the usual groups; they are extremely unique individuals each and every one as beautiful as the next.

3. You seem to speak a language they don’t understand.

It’s hard to find an old soul, but when you find them, it’s even harder to understand them. People have no idea what you are saying, like you speak a different language. You like digging deep and small talks don’t really work for you.

4. Life is one existential crisis after another.

You can’t simply sit around, watch television and ignore your existence like some people can. Old souls tend to have existential crises, and often. This is why it’s important for you to cultivate self-love. Without it, existence can become too much to bear.

5. It’s difficult to find a ‘soulmate’.

One thing is for sure – old souls are like diamonds: rare and difficult to find. So, when you find someone who is willing to explore all the nooks and crannies of the existence together with you hold on to them!

6. You work hard to make the world a better place.

Old souls love giving more than taking. Volunteering and activism are their way of saying thank you to this planet and the universe. They will do everything they can to raise this planet to a level higher than the one they found it on.

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