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Life Starts When You Stop Nodding At Everything People Say

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our lives are all intertwined. Logic dictates that we all influence each other. But where is the line where we stop being ourselves, and what happens then?

You are being your own self when you don’t have to adjust your attitude to others because you are convinced that they know better. Other people’s thoughts and opinions become as important to you as last year’s snow.

You are your own self when you realize that no one will applaud you for your dreams; you have to protect and nurture them like they are your most sacred treasure.

True life begins when you start taking what others say with a dose of caution, whether they are praising or criticizing you .

Miracles start to happen when you understand all this. But this a long and painful process and requires a lot of time and effort.

Real life begins when you stop attracting people by proving them your status, education, religion, intelligence, etc, and you realize that there is a chance people, at some point, will find it irritating, because it’s only feeding your ego – nothing more! Boosting your ego will only disrupt the balance of your being, as it will eventually look for more and more.

And then you will want to please people even more by giving them more, just to follow you and approve of everything you do.

If it won’t work, you are ready to humiliate yourself, crawl and kneel in front of others, and do whatever it takes just to gain their approval.

With every moment that passes, you will wonder why you are doing this, when it doesn’t make you happy; as a matter of fact it’s making you feel worse, but in spite of everything, it will be difficult to break the pattern.

The real life begins when you no longer have to give everybody your nod of approval. But when you finally learn this, you will wonder why it took you so long to understand it and make that one decision.

Don’t let then take your place at the helm of your life.

You do not have to win all the battles. The beauty of life is to understand that you can live peacefully without all the hustle.

Be yourself, nothing more, but nothing less either.

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