8 Showing Signs That You Are Experiencing Sexual Repression


by Conscious Reminder

Sexual repression is a common problem. Yet, not all of us are aware of it and the ones who are – are very hesitant to talk about it. It is actually one of those ‘taboo’ topics that no one wants to address.

But, here we will talk about the common signs that you might experience if you are repressing your sexual needs or desires:

1. Chronic Tension:

You may be feeling this chronic tension in the form of fatigue in different areas of your body. This is associated with sexual repression because if you carry a lot of energy in your sacral regions and that is not released through an orgasm; your body tends to store that energy. This energy stagnates in the absence of an outlet.

2. Nervousness And Irritability:

Sexual dysfunction can cause nervousness and irritability. The body goes through the same process as that in chronic tension.

3. Insomnia:

Bottled up sexual energy can result in insomnia as well.

4. Aggression:

Anger and aggression are bound to happen in case of the absence of a sexual outlet. This can also be the cause of crimes like rape and assault.

5. Erotic Dreams:

Your dreams can show if you are sexually repressing or not. The thing is that the more you dream about s*x, the more it shows that you need it.

6. Lack of Assertiveness:

A lack of assertiveness in other areas of your life may show that you are sexually repressed. This connection is made because if you are unable to express your needs and desires sexually, then you might also be unable to be assertive in other spheres of your life.

7. Taking the blame, always:

Guilt and shame are the byproducts of sexual repression. The idea is that if we are sexually repressed, we tend to apologize about things far more than before. It is almost like we feel that we have something to feel sorry about and that manifests in other places of our life as well.

8. Excessive interest in S*x:

Whether you take interest in s*x overtly and blush while seeing a movie with friends or you take interest in s*x covertly and binge watch porn or read literature about s*x; either ways an excessive interest in s*x shows that you are sexually repressed.

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