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What Is The Difference Between Spiritual Path & Spiritual Journey

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Often I hear people using these two terms interchangeably. They are two very different things. You choose what your Spiritual Path is. It is way of life you have choose to get you to your main goal.

For most people, your choice is somewhere along a line aimed at pure good or pure bad. I say aimed at, because everyone has millions of choices in their lives and at any point in time, you are free to turn around and head in the opposite direction. The number of 100% pure good or 100% pure bad people in the world is tiny in comparison to the whole of humanity.

A Spiritual Journey on the other hand is similar to a path, but it’s direction was chosen before you began this life cycle. There is a period of time between the death of our current bodies and the birth of the next, where we spend time contemplating our prior lives and making decisions on how we will continue our Spiritual Journey through the next life.

It is not a simple matter of a Spiritual Path being choices in our physical lives while a Spiritual Journey is choices between lives. The two are too closely connected to be that simple. But that is a good analogy for a younger soul to use when they do not yet have remembrance of their prior lives to draw upon a fuller definition.

A Spiritual path is how we have decided to live our current physical lives. It is the choices we make each day in our lives, whether they are choices that lead toward our ultimate goal or not. Every choice we make, good or bad, toward our goal or away, are all a part of the path we are walking in this lifetime. It is the sum of those choices which determine how much karma we accrue.

A Spiritual Journey covers the entirety of our lifetimes. It is a journey which last from the first breath of our first lifetime. Till we reach the point where we permanently become one with The Creator. At the end of each physical life, we have a time period where we look back on all the many things we have experienced, the choices we made, and look forward to the goals we want to accomplish in our next life.

We choose the lessons we wish to learn in our next life. It is a choice based on our Free Will, The Creator then sets in motion the physical things which need to happen to allow us to experience those lessons.

On any given Path, we have the free will to learn the lessons we chose or to change our Path. Sometimes when we make those types of decisions things work out fine, but sometimes, depending on how strongly we wanted to learn a specific lesson in this lifetime, The Creator will continue to give us additional opportunities to learn a lesson we sought to not learn in this lifetime. This is where so much of the struggle we have in our lives comes from.

Everyone’s Journey has the same goal. To purify our souls so we no longer have need of physical form. Along our individual Journey we will experience many physical lives and the Paths that we have chosen for that path. We will choose many different types of paths to reach our life goal to complete our Spiritual Journey.

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