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Is Mercury Retroshade Real? Here’s How Mercury Retrograde’s Shadow Can Affect Your Life

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This year has been one hell of a ride so far, but the universe is not done with us yet. While the third Mercury Retrograde ended on Sept. 5, it is easy to wonder if Mercury Retroshade is real. During this period, the retrograde is thought to leave a shadow, letting its effects linger.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The force of Mercury is something fierce. Just take a look at how this past  Mercury Retrograde affected your summer, since it started on Aug. 12. Mercury will take a while to reverse its backspin, and it will not happen over just one or two days.

In fact, it will take two whole weeks for Mercury to do its thing. This means you should still be in the retrograde mindset all the way until Sept. 19. In other words, approach each and every day with Mercury Retrograde precautions. It will help you handle Mercury Retroshade and prevent the universe from royally kicking you in the butt.

Keep in mind that the most recent Mercury Retrograde was under detail-oriented Virgo. This will impact the type of precautions you need to take. Virgo is fussy and inflexible, but very organized. Remember these traits when dealing with this current shadow period.

Need a guide? Here are seven possible situations that retroshade may throw your way.

Everything Needs To Be Double Checked

In true retrograde fashion, continue to double check everything, just like you have been doing. Triple check, if you must. Give yourself extra time to make sure assignments and tasks are completed in the way you’d like or supposed to be. This even includes text messages and e-mails. Whatever you do, don’t be so fast to call everything done.

Details Become More Important

Remember, Virgo is all about details. During retroshade, it will be easy to forget about the little things. Are you the farthest thing from detail-oriented? Set reminders to go through said details. Do it in a quiet room and stay away from distractions. It might seem like extra work, but it sure beats having to go back and do everything again.

Plans Need To Be Confirmed

As soon as a task involves other people, there’s a risk for confusion and craziness. The chances are even higher during Mercury Retroshade. To be safe, clarify plans before moving forward. Make sure everyone is on the same page and ask questions when necessary.

Things Will Break

The leftover effect of Mercury Retrograde under Virgo means that things are likely to break. During the shadow period, this will definitely stick around. Be prepared if you depend on equipment or electronics to finish tasks. Make sure things are charged and backed up. If applicable, keep a “Plan B” in the back of your mind.

Co-Workers Will Be Cranky

Virgo can be finicky. Since the retrograde was just under this sign, expect crankiness from co-workers. This can be a challenge when you’re working on a big project or task. Do your best, take a deep breath, and be respectful as much as possible. We are all just trying to get through it.

Clarifications Will Save The Day

On that note, don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. For instance, if your boss gives you instructions for an assignment, repeat them to confirm that you understand correctly. This will make sure you’re right on track. Better yet, they will appreciate that you are trying to cover all your bases.

Extra Time Is Needed

In order to give yourself a chance to double check, extra time is needed. This means starting things a bit earlier than you normally would. And yes, that even includes everyday tasks, like getting ready to run errands. The effect of retroshade will increase the chances of forgetfulness and inconvenient situations.

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