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If You Are An Empath, Here Are 4 Rare Powers You Possess

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by Conscious Reminder

The ability to get a glimpse of other people’s emotional energy can drain and upset you, so it may be perceived as a bane sometimes but it actually comes with a unique set of skills that come in handy while handling life challenges.

1. Sensing people’s thoughts

While usually people can understand other’s stance, facial expression and body language trying to read their minds, the empaths do this on another level. They see people by picking up imageries, mental statements and expressions others are oblivious to.

The empaths who do this unconsciously tend to block the ability whereas they should build and enhance the connection between the world and their brain.

2. Using emotions as a weapon

It’s not easy for people to connect and understand their own feelings but empaths excel at managing the emotional state and guide them through it if they choose to. Applying the same strength to self-empathise, empaths can be excellent at handling tough situations and also focus on the intentions of the other person and not just on words.

3. Turn things around

The disadvantage of being in constant touch with the world’s emotions is that you are exposed all the harmful energies. Be it an upsetting discussion or someone’s life troubles, an empath can easily be moved by all the negatives.

So empaths must hold on to this capability and make the best out of it. Just by relocating, meditating or using their influence, empaths can make all the difference that it takes to change the atmosphere around them.

4. Using it while at work

As long as turning off the empathy is not an option, it would be a wise decision to pick a profession accordingly. An empath would make a great therapist, a counselor or someone required to be sensitive to smells and tastes like a perfumer or a chef.

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