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Are You Showing Signs Of Masochism? Here Are 7 Signs To Help You Find Out

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Whenever we hear the words like Sadism and Masochism, the image painted by ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ comes to mind.

But here in today’s article, we are not going to talk about that kind of Masochism. What we’ll be looking at is the one that is characterized by the person who feels gratified by the inflicted pain and degradation or finds pleasure through self-denial.

These are the 7 signs ‘you are a Masochist individual’:

1.  Saying “No” is not an option.

It is the first sign that you can observe in a Masochist person. They are unable to say no. Saying ‘No’ is an act of thoughtful self-care. If a person says yes in order to please others, even when it takes a toll on them, then the person is a clear Masochist. You need to be kind to yourself. Thus, remember that no is a complete sentence in itself and can be said in a compassionate way.

2. You force yourself to be “Good”.

You are very particular about your daily habits. You do your exercises daily, and the days when you fail to do them, you feel awful. You do not allow yourself to cheat on your diet even on special occasions.

While it is good to be disciplined and focused, but our quirks and our mistakes are the things that make us human.

3. You believe that saving People, Animals, And The Planet is your responsibility. 

If you are doing these things out of the feeling of unworthiness, or out of the fear of failing someone’s expectations, then you need to look deep inside. You must soothe your ailing parts and rescue yourself.

4. Avoiding a Narcissist is mission impossible.

It is true that Narcissists are tempting and hard to avoid. But if you keep falling for their trap again and again then you are definitely a Masochist. You must break the pattern as it harms you when you choose to be the echo of someone’s narcissus.

5. You Don’t Stand Up For Yourself.

While it is a good thing to be kind and forgiving but it is a completely different thing to be a doormat. Be kind to others, be soft with them all, be a support when they need but never allow them to fuck things up with you. You must embrace all the faces of a goddess. It is the best way to turn Masochism in self-love.

6. Perfection, Perfection and some more Perfection

Life is too short to live in the fear of being called an imperfect person. No one in the world is the perfect human being; everyone has their own share of problems and imperfections. You must allow your soul to be imperfect and have some room for experimentation.

7. You are too hard on yourself.

Life is full of ups and downs. It is a hell of a ride which shows you all the colors of the world. Thus, it is inevitable that you’ll feel sad, angry or scared sometimes. If you try to mask your emotions and not let them out, then they’ll come back to bite you in person. It may help to suppress them in the short run but it always proves counterproductive in the long run. Suppressing emotions is a sign of Masochism.

Feel all the emotions that come to you without judging them as right or wrong. You’ll be surprised to see how your pain and painful emotions go when you allow them to be when you ease into them.

So, these are some common signs of Masochism.

What do you think about them? Share your views and opinions with us.

Art by: Christian Martin Weiss

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1 comment

Kyle Secord January 30, 2019 - 5:49 pm

Only 7, 4, and 5 apply to me that is 3/7 is that really a masochist?


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