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Dear Mothers: Teach Your Daughters To Love Their Bodies Because Real Beauty Comes From Within

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

I couldn’t fail to notice that, lately, in the United States, girls who don’t match the barbie standards are considered the greatest sin; society’s greatest defeat.

Though they claim to provide equal respect and independence to women, the contrasting situation is quite prevalent. Gaining weight is any girl’s biggest nightmare. They become utterly consumed by self-hatred, dragging the pain and judgment along their entire lives.

As Gracie X wrote in her book Wide Open, the trauma regarding weight issues began from somebody shaming during her childhood. She went through obsessive food routines to achieve the body that she wanted. However, she doesn’t want her daughter to face the same.

She would tell her how beautiful she was in her own way and teach her to take good care if it. Most teenage girls around 14-15 have hormonal surge which prepares their reproductive systems. This creates a metabolism that enables one to put on fat easily. The biggest challenge was to learn about proper nutrition and healthy food choices and not let toxic thoughts about insane societal standards of beauty affect you.

Reclaiming one’s own body is a wild journey filled with twists and turns. Weight training and meditation is important which gets people out of negative dieting patterns. Consulting a therapist is also of great assistance. Triggers can range from something wonderful to getting bored or thoughts like, “I am such a fat loser”. Parental behavior has an equal influence like too much of neglect, yelling and shoving the child’s need away.

However, deciding to stuff oneself with junk food is no act of rebellion either. According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 42% girls are concerned with being thinner while 37-50% adolescent girls engage in crash dieting. Therefore, it is important not to demoralize your girl from eating.

Teaching your child that she has all the ownership and decision making rights over her own body contributes to good health, mentally as well as physically Exercises should not be connected to diets or food. Doing Yoga, Pilates can enhance body awareness, relaxation and self love.

Tell her that being imperfect is okay and to immediately talk to friend or a doctor if she turns obsessive about her body image.

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