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If You Want The ‘Fireworks’, Fall In Love With A Highly Empathic Girl

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths feel every emotion very strongly and so when it comes to love, they do so with even more intensity than anybody else ever could.

Here are a few pointers about why it is so awesome to fall in love with a girl who’s an empath and how to deal with their particularities.

#1 They like exploring their emotions, so don’t put them in emotional jail.

Unless they can walk the length and breadth of the spectrum of their feelings they won’t be satisfied. They’d feel bound and gagged so it is best that you let them express their emotions fully. Being expressive yourself would be great too.

#2 They will trust you with their heart and keep yours safe!

This means that they value a person’s heart and intentions and are not skeptical and judgmental like the rest of the world. Cherish this trust and don’t ever do anything that jeopardizes it. For them respect and honesty for each other is the biggest commitment one can do.

#3 With this girl you will always be in the clear as they pick up emotions easily.

So on the positive side, you’d never have to look for words to describe exactly how you feel; your partner would just know it already intuitively. But this also opens them up to a lot of hurt and disappointment if you are not upfront with them.

#4 This girl has a strong big heart.

You’d be astounded at the ability of a fellow human being to love everything and everyone as much as she does. However this also means that they are sensitive and more prone to heart ache than others.

#5 Once they fall in love with you, they will give their all to make you feel loved.

You’d never have to second guess or doubt the sincerity of your relationship if you fall in love with an empath.

Yes, this girl might sound as she came out of a fairytale, but she exists. Go out there, look for her. Once you make a connection you won’t want to let her go! 

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