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What Vibrational Flu Is And How It Affects Our Spiritual Awakening

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Your spiritual Awakening is your body and mind becoming one; when both your Spiritual world and the material world unite.

When this happens, you are able to understand your purpose for which you were born. You give up on false and dividing beliefs and ideologies because you become disillusioned to them and their superficial nature.

You’ll become aware that the way of life you’ve been following wasn’t holistic and start pursuing your higher self.

Vibrational Flu

During our lifetime, we accumulate a lot of Spiritual debris on our spiritual self. This is all negative emotions and feelings which we have been storing inside us over days, months, years. They are harmful because they don’t just malign our soul, but also block our Chakras.

All this debris is flushed out of our system, when the levels of life energy or Chi in our body suddenly fluctuate highly. All the excess Chi acts as a great gush of water which takes out all the waste which gets collected on the crevices in its path.

These blockages from the negative debris are harmful for us as it doesn’t allow the free flow of energy between chakras in our body.

This deeply intense and powerful change in the energy levels in our body can cause the Vibrational flu as our body is not prepared to assess so much Chi.

How to recognize Spiritual Awakening

The first change that you’ll experience is that you’d finally be aware of what matters and what doesn’t. Superficial and material things like jobs and people and meaningless relationships would all lose their charm.

You’d slowly disentangle yourself from your old acquaintances and company which kept you down and instead would be focusing on your true destiny in this world.

When you undergo a Vibrational flu you’d also be experiencing a lot of physical pain. When the flood of energy is battering to dislodge the emotional grime from your chakras, their corresponding body parts would hurt a lot. Headaches are expected but you’d be out of your misery soon and step into an enlightened existence.

Are you maybe one of those experiencing a vibrational flu? Share your experiences with us!

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