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Shadow People: Do Parallel Dimensions Really Exist?

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by Conscious Reminder

Shadow people. Yes, they are those creatures which do not have any existence in this physical world.

But if we talk about the metaphysical world they do exists. Few days before a report was published in a local newspaper stating that a 5-year-old child had encountered with shadow people while she was playing all alone in the room. After following the way she couldn’t find anyone as if that thing vanished.

If you have also encountered with such shadow people, then you will also know that they do not stay for long. When you tend to follow them they vanish away. What will you do if you encounter with them?

If you are still thinking that what this is, in the metaphysical world, they call it a presence of shadow people. They are something which can be seen from our peripheral vision and can be seen by normal human beings.

In a different society, there are people those who believe or disbelieve in the existence of shadow people. According to them, they are just hallucinations while some claim that they are the supernatural phenomenon that causes to one when they are sad or helpless.

Shadow people are also claimed to be the creatures from a parallel dimension. The theory of parallel dimension is that where extinct animals and people exist.

Those who have encountered with shadow people have claimed that they were wearing long robes or cloak. Somewhat like the medieval people used to wear.

Some people claim that they have seen the red eyes of the shadow people. There is nothing to be worried about; they are just your worries that are constantly going inside your head.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to hallucinations of such images. Always remember the fact that you have to stay strong even if you encounter with such things.

Shred away all your negative feelings and try to live up a healthy lifestyle

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