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Twin Flame Reconnection In The Astral Plane

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by Conscious Reminder

A pair of twin flames is created when the energy emitted by the creation of life becomes not one, but two souls.

Though they are created from a single source, they are not the same. They are reflections of each other.

Twin flames are not soul mates. This is not a romantic connection. They exist to teach us about ourselves. When twin flames come together, they are actually helping each other get ready to meet their soul mate.

It won’t be easy to learn what they have to teach you but it is important to listen because this is what will lay the foundation for your relationship with your soul mate.

Most people encounter their twin flames first in the astral plane which is easier to step into when they are dreaming. It transcends time and space so we need not worry about the physical hurdles that are keeping us apart from our twin flames.

Keep reading to find out how to enter the astral plane and find your twin flame.

Know the journeys of your astral body

You must start by attempting to remember what you do in the astral plane after you have returned to the physical world. A dream diary is the best way to do this.

Looking out for signs of interdimensional dreaming

Once you begin to regularly record your dreams, read through them and look for anything that might be a sign of your journey to the astral plane. Usually this is something that shows you climbing up. Be aware of whatever happens to you after you have reached your destination.

Shun the lower emotions, embrace love

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by negative feelings like rage, envy, stress and doubt. This will make it harder for you to connect with your twin flame because your entire being will be consumed by them.

You need to fill yourself with the positive energy that comes from love, happiness and peace. Once you’ve fully embraced these emotions, you will be able to feel the link that is always there between you and your twin flame.

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