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Emotional Freedom Technique: Using Tapping To Relieve Energy Blockages

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by Conscious Reminder

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a unique mix of ancient Chinese acupressure and psychology. It is increasingly being used to remove phobias, clear emotional blockages and traumas and to remove all stress from our energetic body.

Like most people, when I first encountered the tapping technique, I thought that this is ridiculous, how can someone make me feel better just by tapping on certain fixed parts of my body. I was skeptic as I believed that the problems of the mind can only be solved with the techniques like mindfulness and meditation, which are related to the mind.

Still. Being open minded about all the things related to healing techniques, I decided to give it a shot. Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.Just after a few minutes of EFT, I felt a lot lighter, both physically and mentally. During the process itself, I was totally immersed in the sensations generated by the gentle taps.

The whole base of tapping is made on the ancient practices of Chinese medicine. Chinese believed that the energy around the body is circulated by many energy currents that flow all across the body. The main function of these currents is to maintain the harmony and balance in the body.

But when this energy currents (or meridians) are blocked due to emotional trauma or stress, then the physical manifestations of theses blockages can be seen in the form of illness and disease. Tapping is particularly helpful in opening up these congestions and allowing for the complete flow of energy again.

In this modern lifestyle, stress has become a part of our daily lives but tapping can help you release that stress and can make you feel peaceful, energetic and in tune with the nature. Some people have used tapping even for the purpose of pain management.

Overtime, tapping changes the basic structuring of the brain which helps in neglecting the negativity and helps in overcoming the traumas of childhood.

It is highly advisable to use a special mantra while undergoing the process of tapping. There is no one mantra for all kind of gains and you can choose what serves you best. For me personally, I prefer to use the mantra “I love and accept myself completely” when I am not prepared to go into the deeper parts of my own self.

This mantra provides a good base for you too, as you won’t have to worry about going deep into the emotions. Slowly you can increase the practice intensity and can look at your phobias and the roots of your stress. It may be hard after reaching a certain level, when you’ll try to find the roots of your pain. It happens because the real causes of the pain lie deep into our subconscious but you must not give up on your attempts to explore your own self.

You must not give up because the process of tapping itself promotes the idea of moving past your struggles and it shows us the way for how to move through the internal resistances.

I’ll recommend you to start tapping on a regular basis and to maintain a record of your timing, before and after emotions. Remember that it is pertinent to record and to dwell on the aspect of how you felt after each session.

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