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Empaths, The Holiday Season Is The Time To Put Yourself First For Once

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

The holidays are quite a hectic time. Everybody’s hands are full with shopping and parties and family gatherings.

Everyone seems to be in a rush for having a good time and therefore there is a plethora of parties and everyone seems to be keen to have you at theirs.

And when they asked you for it two weeks in advance, it did seem like a good idea, didn’t it? But now that the day is actually here, you are not too optimistic about your social skills and would like nothing more to be left alone.

Well, it is perfectly natural to feel so and there is no need to beat yourself up about it too much. You are under no obligation to go and pretend to enjoy yourself when in reality you are utterly miserable. Holidays are the time when all kinds of emotions run wild.

People are under a lot of financial and emotional stress to get the perfect present, there is of course a lot of happiness and cheer going round, but there are also insecurities abound while the annual family meet up.

This would be a minefield for Empaths to navigate and it can be very tiring for you if you have to go through this everyday without recharging yourself. Take a breather.

The foremost concern is your own well being before the hurt sentiments of others. Learn to say no if you feel drained and exhausted and cannot bring yourself to go to a party.

And even more important than that is; you do not feel guilty about putting yourself first. Don’t think that you are being selfish or weak in canceling out. It will only lead to even more negative emotions.

Just try to relax and recuperate yourself during this time so that you can take the New Year heads on.

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