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Soulmate Breakup And Reunion

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Soulmates are those souls whose energies are bound to our own. More than a kindred spirit, soulmates share not just attitudes and personality traits, but goals, drives and values that stem from the soul.

A soulmate relationship can be romantic or platonic. We may develop a deep, meaningful friendship with a soulmate and have it mean just as much – if not more – than any romantic relationship we have ever experienced.

Most soulmates we encounter during this life will be platonic. Soul friends, as some might call them. Occasionally we will encounter the romantic kind, which is often what we mean when we talk about soulmates.

Regardless of the type, soulmate relationships are among the most valuable relationships we will experience.

This is because we connect with a soulmate on the deepest level – they share the drives, goals and values that make us who we are. But more than that, they share the energies that form our spirit (or soul).

Such a visceral, fundamental connection to another spirit helps us to experience the true beauty of this life. Unfortunately, it is through these relationships that we also experience the most pain.

Soulmate Breakups

It is sad but undeniable that most relationships we experience in this life come to an end. Soulmate relationships are not immune to this.

And it is in the wake of a soulmate breakup that we experience the shattering lows of life.

The severing of a soulmate connection sends shock waves through the spirit’s energies. It can feel like we have lost a part of ourselves – and in a way we have.

The end of a soulmate relationship signals the death of a shared spirit and forces a transformation within us. We experience a deep feeling of loss and of being lost. This is natural.

But these experiences are essential. A soulmate breakup may bring with it pain and sadness, but the transformation effected within us is crucial to our spiritual growth.

Through the soulmate relationship, we have learned about ourselves – our strengths, our weaknesses, the energies and emotions that comprise our spirit and personality.

And to say goodbye to this relationship is hard. But the soulmate relationship, no matter how it ends, holds incredible value.

Soulmate Reunion

But not all soulmate breakups are final. Whether platonic or romantic, once we have learned the lessons of the soulmate relationship and experienced its loss, we grow as people and become stronger. With luck, so do they.

And once this growth has been realised, the soulmate relationship may bear fruit once more.

Perhaps the issues that brought the relationship to an end have been solved.

Obstacles that once forced us apart may melt away. Conflicting energies may have been brought in to balance, and the spirits may be in harmony again.

In this case, the shared energies of our soulmate relationship will bring about much healing and spiritual growth.

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