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Soul Resolutions For The Year 2018

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have entered the year 2018 and as it happens with every new beginning, it is a human tendency to look at the past and to judge our right and wrongs, to see our highs and lows.

But the New Year is not only the time for retrospection, it is also the time to plan for the future as well and to think of the goals that we want to achieve in the entire year.

With each New Year, the universe also pushed us to strive for even higher goals and to be the best versions of ourselves. The years 2016 and 2017 were the years for new beginnings, but the year 2018 will be the year of building upon the base. It will be the year when your hard work will show fruition and your wishes will come true.

This New Year you can change your fortunes around, not with a New Year resolution, but with a soul resolution! Soul resolution is different from the New Year resolution as it is about creating a fixed intention and not about setting a goal (like learning French). These resolutions of the soul go extremely deep, much deeper than the normal goals.

For setting an intention, you don’t have to think what the end result might be. You just have to think about the steps that you are going to make your every moment better. Intention lies in the small details of our everyday thinking.

From the past few years, I have been setting soul intentions and they have changed my life for better. I believe it can help you also to overcome the problems of your life.

Here is how to create your own soul resolutions.

1. Choosing a Resolution

The best way of choosing a resolution for the soul is to first think about the areas where you have felt challenged or uprooted. Once you figure it out, then you can think about the available options which can help you overcome those challenges.

I usually prefer to take a different approach to this step. I ask my heart about what it wants and I stay open to whatever response comes from it.

2. Crafting the goal of the soul

Once you have set your soul resolution, then you need to write it down on a paper. This will help you to be precise about it and will also motivate you to work on your resolution. It is extremely important that you write your resolution in clear and precise terms. There are no limits and no rules restricting your imagination here, but it is advisable to start initially with just three soul resolutions first and then gradually grow from there.

3. Sending out your resolution

For this you need to be at a quiet place and clear your aura before proceeding further. For this, all you need to do is to read out your resolution with full emotions so that all the heaven can hear it. You need to feel all that you are saying so that it gets internalized in your soul. Again, there is no limitation to how you must proceed with this step, just follow your intuition.  After you are done with reciting your resolution, fold the paper and keep it in a safe place.

Making strong soul resolutions has changed many lives including mine. I hope it will create a positive change in your life as well.

May we all have Happy and Blessed 2018!

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