The Lucky Charm That Will Bring Each Zodiac Sign The Best Of Luck

by Conscious Reminder

Charms, Talismans or good luck pieces can be traced back to ancient times. We must remember though, that their popularity has not faded even today.

There are a lot of small but not-so-insignificant things that are considered lucky for people, let us have a look on them based on the Zodiac Signs.

Aries’s Good-luck Unlocks With a Key

Aries is known for their active participation and dynamic attitude towards everything, mainly towards their ambition to which they reach by hook or by crook. Key suits you because you unlock way to inaccessible places.

Count till 7 Taurus

7 is a number related to many things- days in a week, colours in rainbow. Also it is an addition of 3 symbolizing triangle and 4 symbolizing a square. Taurus people are analytical who are confident enough not to go for any charm or fetish. Taurus has a supernatural connection with nature; acorns being another lucky charm prove that. Ancient robbers hung them on windows.

Slice that Dice Gemini

Gemini people are trendsetter and trend followers. Anything which is making a fashion statement is bound to be a lucky charm for Gemini. Dice is something which has made its statement since a very long time and we are still in its era of influence, the silky dice era.

Hop with the Lady-Bug Cancer

Known as ‘Glueckskaefer’ or ‘blessed bug’ in Germany, as a charm lady-bug reflects the love for animals in Cancer. But they don’t bring anything good if kept like prisoners, they need to be free. Similarly, Chinese People consider bamboo as a prosperous gift, to give and to receive as well.

Stones Be the Best Ornament for Leo

Not any specific gem or stone, but every color is lucky for Leo. The reason is Leo’s nature consists of all the best qualities like different colors; Leo is cheerful, enthusiastic, and dynamic. Symbolizing the sun, Amber tops the list, Sapphire being the second.

The Evil Eye is Virgo’s Armor

Virgo is well known for the numerous capabilities often being the center of attention. The Evil Eye does the job of a steel armor. It also sends away negative energy. It looks like a hamsa with eyeball in center, the lucky color of an evil eye is green and blue.

Libra stays safe in Triangle

Triangle upholds and counterbalances Libra, since that is what a Libra needs. Triangle is known as a connector between life, death and universe. Libra likes to stay neutral and maintains a calm relation with everyone.

Scorpio rests on a Curve

Horseshoe with a curve shape, iron base which denotes longevity is a fetish for Scorpio. Scorpio wants to go with the flow, Horseshoe, being an iron made object keeps away demons.

Sagittarius walks with a Rabbit Paw

Ancient Folklore contains stories about how the backward left paw of rabbit helped to get out of a dangerous situation. Sagittarius can be lucky if they have it with them, not the real ones by killing but the handmade ones.

Four Leaf Cover Soothes Capricorn

A symbol of success and exorbitance, a four leaf white clover establishes bond of love between nature and Capricorn, providing them with good luck and positive vibe. Dragons on the other hand provide you with direction and skills. Capricorns can carry small showpieces with them.

Aquarius gets lucky by cricket Sound

The low sound vibration of cricket makes you feel a friendly presence around you at night. So, their absence amplifies the arrival of danger. Listen carefully, Aquarius.

Catch Your Dreams, Pisces

Dream-catcher is the fetish Pisces craves for, since Pisces are dreamers. It helps to move away all the negative intuitions from the atmosphere when placed around Pisces.

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