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The Luna Moth & The Full Moon, The Spiritual Significance Of Signs That Appear In Our Lives

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Every day this week on my meditative walk I have found the wings of a different butterfly.

Upon walking the path to the waterfall, I came across the wings of a Luna Moth.

The Luna Moth may be considered one of the most spiritual and mystical of animal totems.

To meet one is a special gift, for when she is in her adult moth stage she only lives for approximately one week. While living through their adult moth life they do not eat, for they have no mouth. One might say that their purpose is to reproduce, but I say it is to Love.

They are born, they transform, they love, they die, and then are again reborn. Their cycles are short, as are our years while we are here. We are reminded to make the most of our moments and to live and love to the fullest.

She is most often seen in the evenings, attracted to the moon and to light.

She speaks of our connection to the Feminine, our inner spirit, and our trust in ourselves.

We learn of the importance to find the balance between light and dark, the seen and the unseen. She is a reminder that when all is said and done, our healing and sense of love are the ultimate journey.

I was in the middle of a full day of intense sessions and there was so much emotion and energy being channelled I could not pause long enough to fully integrate the significance of its message.

I had performed a fire ceremony closing the 21 day ritual for emotional detox, and burning the energetic ties of indebtedness as the moon came into fullness.

My personal emotions have been flowing strong and wild on an intense upward spiral, each day I have met myself with new fury of release of old patterns of emotional demons that have held me in the darkness in certain areas of my life.

I can feel the old patterning almost as if being ripped from inside my cells, and just like the fire burning hot and white, rapidly transforming within.

The Butterfly is the Spiritual Symbol of the Divine Feminine and a Spiritual Metaphor for our own transformation. Much like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly we may at times feel like our guts are being ripped apart and turned to mush right before our eyes.

This transcendence, from the caterpillar’s perspective can feel like a death rather than a transformation, and yet the Butterfly gracefully emerges, whole, complete, beautiful, and free. We must set aside everything we once knew and understood about our world and fully embody an entirely new way of being in the world.

The releasing of our past patterning and attachments can very much feel like we are being torn apart from the inside, a painful death of our very comfortable caterpillar body, we were used to crawling on the ground and eating our way through our emotions.

Then on the other side of this confusing and gut wrenching loss of self, we emerge with wet wings, no longer do we crawl, our legs have been transformed, no longer do we munch our way through life, we fly almost effortlessly, and sip nectar from the blossoms of flowers.

The ascension process of our Highest Self.

You must surrender completely and trust that some intelligence higher than self is guiding you through this process into complete rebirth and freedom.

Luna Moth Oracle: Protection and success. Face your inhibitions as this is a time of abundance and success, and you are greatly protected in all activities.

Luna moths also signify rebirth and new beginnings as they represent a continuing quest for truth and knowledge, gift of intuition, psychic perception and heightened awareness. I suppose these things are associated with “seeing the light”.

So often, people feel like “there’s got to be more to life…”

Maybe it feels like you’re missing out on your potential in life, you feel a deep longing within, but you’re not sure what it means or where to begin…

You need to know that your life has meaning and who you are serves a greater purpose in this world.

How do I know about this?

…from my unique challenges in life, starting from when I almost died in an accident, then later was diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease, that partially paralyzed my right arm. I took my health and my future into my own hand and risked everything I had ever created in order to recover my health and ultimately my happiness. 

I learned teachable techniques that helped me to grow a successful healing practice that serves people around the world, and live a life filled with love, purpose, and adventure.

The same techniques I’ve used to create a life worth living, I have taught to many people who have then become purposeful and prosperous in life, love, and career. I’d like to teach you how to start finding and restoring your life purpose too.

I can promise that you will never look at life the same way again.

Whether you are considering making a life transition and don’t know where to begin, or stuck in the same self-defeating patterns year after year, the path of Shamanic Healing, earth-based wisdom, and The Four Directions Apprenticeship offers an unparalleled framework for creating lasting and meaningful transformation.

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Moejj June 19, 2019 - 12:52 am

I was really happy to see a couple of Luna Moths in the last couple of weeks. Lately I’ve been finding Luna Moth wings on the ground when I leave for work in the morning. Makes me sad.


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