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Finding The Light In What Looks Like Complete Darkness

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What does everyone tells you to do when life is giving you lemons, to make lemonade right? And they might not be so far from truth; if we have the awareness to clean the positive out of the negative.

Life is seldom straightforward; there will always be highs and lows. It is like a rollercoaster, even though you like it or not, you have no other option because you are strapped to your seat and cannot do anything but to face the ups and downs. But there are ways to overcome all that bad. And if you are determined enough, you will find that there is no trouble that can’t be overcome.

There can be good in the sadness as well

Heartbreak is looked upon as the worst that could happen to a person. But people forget that heartbreak can be constructive too. If we have suffered through great loss, we will be better able to love in the future. People think of the heart as a glass sculpture which will be shattered after a blow to it.

But heart is a muscle after all, and both physically and emotionally it has the capability of getting stronger after damage. Our heart is powerful enough to come back from loss, and this power of overcoming adversities is what strengthens our heart even more.

But instead what we do is, try to avoid heartbreak altogether. We fear it so much that we are never ready to put ourselves out there. And that’s what convulses the true function of others heart.

Turning anger into revolt

Anger which is otherwise a very negative emotion, can be used for something productive after all. When we get agitated and angry about things done to the others, we can channel that aggression into turning things for the positive. Revolt is powered by the self righteous anger which is felt when you see wrong being done with others.

This can only be generated when you are filled with an all encompassing love for everyone and everything. Only when we love something can we be bothered to fight for its right. When we truly believe that all things are connected to one other and are in fact parts of a unified whole that we become agitated to the point of being fierce and ruthless when that oneness is put under attack.

How to deal with the existential tragedy?

Life is full of pain. To think that there is anything that will happen which will ensure that your life is easy and happy forever is a misunderstanding. The only thing that we can do is to make sure that we can smile through the pain.

When we become proactive and start dealing with our problems instead of sulking about them, we learn to deal with life. And when we reach the emotional maturity that helps us deal with the sadness and setbacks of life, we will be able to be truly happy in our existence.

Look at pain as a way to achieve higher wisdom and you will never again complain about the hard luck that you got dealt.

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