Are You Actually Able To Hear Yourself Stuck In The Clamor Of The World?

by Conscious Reminder

Every soul has something it wants for itself and itself alone. But as soon as we are born, we become so intertwined in the norms of the society we live in that we forget what we truly need. More often than not, those norms don’t do us any good.

We live in a world which constantly shows us sorrow, unhappiness and pain coming in from all sides. With all this going on around us, it’s not easy to understand what our souls are trying to tell us. It’s like trying to peer through a thick fog.

Be it the way we’ve been brought up, ideologies that hold us back, incidents that have traumatized us, or another block in the flow of our energy, we are at the mercy of all these toxic vibes constantly floating around us.

So how do we get pass all this?

1. Don’t let the negativity around you get to you

The world is growing smaller every day thanks to technology. We’ve got access to all kinds of news through smart phones that fit into our pockets. And since sensation sells, the media keeps showing us stories that are full of pain, all day, every day. Look at the people around you who are truly happy. Try to sense the vitality they exude. It doesn’t matter how old they are on the outside because they are young at heart.

2. Keep an eye out for communication from the soul

Don’t expect a phone call from your soul telling you everything you need to know. You’ll get messages while dreaming, your gut instinct will kick in suddenly, you’ll have flashbacks or you’ll experience strange coincidences. Follow your intuition and do whatever makes you happy. These signs are can be hard to spot and harder to understand so be vigilant.

3. Look for patterns in your finances

When someone is struggling with their finances or if they keep falling into debt, they usually have some toxic ideologies or bad energies influencing their lifestyles. So think back to all the times you’ve dealt with financial struggles and think about how your emotions at the time could have influenced them. This is essential if you wish to start the healing process.

4. Listen to what your physical self is telling you

There are times when you feel perfectly content, life is progressing just the way you want it to and you feel at peace with yourself and the world. This is how the universe intended for things to be. So whenever you have an unexpected bout of lethargy, indigestion, or life is just ‘meh’, even if it’s just an uneasy feeling, pay attention to it. Think about everything happening around you and analyze your feelings at the time. You’ll find that something has gone wrong.

5. Let the negativity pass

Don’t block out the things that hurt you but at the same time don’t cling to them. Just go with the flow and cut off the negativity whenever you get an opportunity. Keep telling yourself that this too shall pass.

6. Go for whatever makes you happy

Life is pretty short and it can end at anytime. So don’t bother doing things that give you an uneasy feeling in your gut. Doing these things will only lower your vibrations.  Instead, turn your attention and your energy to tasks that make you feel instinctively happy. When you do this, you raise your vibrations higher and higher till you are ready to heal.

You might need more help to heal but these are a few things you can do on your own to let go off the toxic things in life. Once you get rid of the clutter, you will be more in tune with your own soul.

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