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5 Things You Can Do To Awaken Your Inner Sorceress

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are going through a great shift in time. The way we live, function, perceive ourselves and the society is rapidly changing. Our relationship with nature too is undergoing a change.

Day by day, more and more of us are being able to hear The Call. This is the time for us to ascend. Believe in ourselves and our own truths; trusting our intuition and the power that comes with it.

Here is how one can unless the hidden witch within us and use that power to bring change.

1. Reclaim Your Power

The term ‘witch’ was used to stigmatize and subjugate women. It was used as an excuse to put them through extreme injustice and torture. But now that term is being reclaimed by women who are confident enough in their own power to stand up to the world. We all have to realize that there is a great source of fierce power within us that only we can conjure up.

2. The Call

When you hear the call, it will trigger a remembrance within you. You will feel like something from one of your past lives is calling out to you. It is something that you feel deep within your bones because it is a part of you; a part which was suppressed by the society. Your feminine power was made to retreat within you.

The power that was so fierce that patriarchy was afraid of it and made it a taboo just in an attempt to control it. Now is the time to break free from all those false notions and reclaim that which is yours.

3. Connection with the moon

Just like us women have our menstrual cycle; the Moon too follows a 28-29 day cycle. Some women still have their cycles in sync with the Moon, but the modern lifestyle means that many have lost that connection. But, the energy of the different phases of the moon is still as relevant for us. Each phase corresponds to a different kind of energy.

The New Moon which is associated with the crone is the time when new intentions are set. Waxing Moon, which is associated with the maiden, is the time when the seeds of a new project are sown. Full moon associated with the mother, is when you manifest the things you would need. And finally the waning moon, associated with the wise and wild woman, is the time to clear up the old rubble in your life and clear everything.

4. Spend your time in nature

This is the best way to reconnect with the energies of the elements. Try walking barefoot on grass. Go out on a slightly windy day. Light a candle or a small fire. Spend your time near water bodies. Reconnect with the elements as and when possible.

5. Two step

Casting spells is as easy as manifesting the truths you want. You just have to write your wishes down as if they’ve already come true. And then draw an action plan that will make them come true. Follow it and the universe will make sure you get it.

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