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Twin Flames And Their 7 Biggest Temptations

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In this particular article, we will look into the different shadows that are responsible for problems in a Twin Flame Connection. Let this article serve as a reminder only as there is no need to feel threatened.

These things happen and none of these things make you a bad person. It so happens that most twins are at some point inflicted by the shadows as these are really powerful things. If you do feel like these temptations and their dark sides have gotten to you, it is time for you to work on them and let them go.

Forgetting the Love

The truest truth of a Twin Flame Connection is love and only that. If it so happens that you forget about the love, this is when negativity creeps into the relationship. The effortless fluidity of the love gets disturbed when you step out of it and start focussing on the problems. You attract what you truly want to, or what you are truly feeling, in terms of energy, so focus on the love. Don’t leave it behind.

Looking to be “Saved”

In our society, we are all taught that at some point or the other, we will be saved. Especially females are often told that the purpose of their lives is to be found by a saviour, but the truth is far from this. We must never forget that the power and the Divine are not bigger than you are. You cannot live your life waiting for things to happen for you, you will have to make things happen if you want them to happen. The Twin Flame is one of the most powerful things in the world.

Giving in to Gossip

Socialising and talking about other people is something every human being does at one point or the other, when embedded in a social matrix. What is worrisome about this is, when you indulge in too much gossip, your focus shifts from the self, and you are deterred from being the best version of yourself that you are meant to be right from the beginning. If you spend time on others, get away from your core.

Believing in the Myth of Rules

The Twin Flame Journey is different for anyone. It is not possible for all twins to share the same kind of journey and it is how that is meant to be. There are no fixed rules for anyone; so do not fixate on how others are making their journey.

Neglecting your Intuition

Your intuition and the power within is the strongest and the truest and will always push you to finding your true self and the true connection to your Twin Flame so you have to pay attention to your intuition and let it guide you so that you can find your own path and walk with your head held high.

Not having Faith in Yourself

You must always remember that you are the Divine in yourself. You are where the Universe begins and ends. You might leave things to the Higher Power but there is nothing that you cannot achieve or do. You have unimaginable power and unstoppable. You can make anything happen, starting from creating love to finding your Twin. You are your own wish granting factory.

Trying to normalize the Relationship

A Twin Flame connection is anything but regular and normal. It is way beyond the realms of a normal relationship so don’t have expectations that one generally has from a regular relationship because doing that will only bring frustration and disappointment.

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