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The Infinity Symbol And The Power It Carries

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us have an idea about what Infinity Symbols could be. Now, they aren’t related to the Infinity Stones, even though I wish they were, but Infinity Symbols have been there for millennia.

They were there during the great civilizations of Mesopotamia, Mohen Jo Daro, and the Greeks. What has been eluded it their true power. Yes, it is all about knowledge and wisdom, but knowledge and wisdom have the world inside them.

They are intrinsic to every little thing we do. There are many utilities of the infinity symbols, and they are as far reaching and unrelated as Donald Trump affecting the GDP of Bhutan.

Where did it really come from, though? It is said, that the Egyptian pharaohs had this symbol, placed along with the snakes on their crowns. The god of technology, Thoth, was said to be the creator of this.

Similarly, in Indian myth, Kundalini energy spirit is said to have the same symbols. Also, the Greek gods Aesculapius and Hermes have their staffs engraved with this symbol.

Now, why should we know about it? It actually helps. Even though you could be a skeptic, negating every theory there is, it works.

1. Healing

The lemniscate or as the infinity symbol is called, can help with healing. The powers it has are aptly suited for curing illnesses. Should it be really astounding, when it is known that Aesculapius had it on his staff, which is the symbol for hospitals and medical care, throughout the world? So, the next time you have a cough, draw a figure 8 on a piece of paper, write ‘health’ on one of the loops, and carry it in your pocket.

2. Examinations

It helps score marks. Well, there is no harm in trying it. If you are that unprepared for an exam that you are willing to go to such lengths to pass, you might as well try this. On a piece of paper, draw the figure 8 and write ‘knowledge’ on one of the loops, and ‘wisdom’ on the other loops. Carry it with you, and see what happens.

3. Love

It helps establish, and maintain a harmonious relationship with someone, no matter how foolish it sounds. On a piece of paper, draw a figure 8 write your name on one of the loops, and your partner’s name on the other one. Then start tracing it lightly, until the action makes you serene, and peaceful. This will definitely hit your heart, and establish a connection between you and your soul mate.

4. Doubts

Just like the figure 8 ball, use it to solve your problems which you couldn’t do otherwise. Draw a figure 8 on a piece of paper, and write down your choices on the loops. Then, start tracing the figure, lightly, until you find your head becoming light, and you are away, far away from stress. Do this for a few days, and you would see your solution before you.

These are few of its applications. Use it carefully, for it does have powers. If you don’t believe it, try it out. You could go through this article; you can try it out too!

Art by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

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