25 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Worldwide

The powerful energetic shifts take are taking place at the moment, seem to have quite an impact on the human species.

Solar activity and the change in energy levels are subtle to catch, but they have an indirect impact on our lives.

I figured this out when it became clear to me that the following strange symptoms were inexplicably affecting a lot of my family, friends and even my clients. These 25 symptoms come and go through the weeks.

If you are experiencing them, it’s a sign. It’s a sign that things are about to change, for your life and the people around you. All you have to do is take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the next level.

1. Sugar rushes and chocolate cravings –Getting sudden urges to indulge your sweet tooth by gorging on chocolate.

2. Unusual eating patterns –Many people are getting put off by meat, milk and fish and are inexplicably craving light high vibrational foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Pressure and Pain on the Solar Plexus –The solar plexus is the muscle over the cavity of the diaphragm and heart. You tend to feel a tingling pain in this region.

4. Pain in the head – Some are experiencing terrible migraine and headache.

5. Unusual sleep patterns – They need to sleep extra and always seem tired.

6. Sudden unusual headaches.

7. Hearing ‘otherworldly’ sounds – They say they hear the ‘music of spheres’ or strange metallic sounds.

8. Heightened sensitivity.

9. Your sense of smell and the other senses seem to be stronger than usual.

10. Technology seems to malfunction around you.

11. You can feel the ‘waves’ produced by electronic devices.

12. Being out of focus – Sometimes you get the sensation of just going through the motions and not living.

13. Loss of balance.

14. Feeling conflicting emotions, which come and go suddenly.

15. ADD like symptoms, the inability to focus – Even people with no history of ADHD were facing the inability to pay attention for about a week.

16. Indecisiveness and Interrupted Energy Flows.

17. Unusual sensations in the Body.

18. Extra fast healing of the body.

19. Inexplicable chills and goose bumps.

20. Heightened synchronicities.

21. Your thoughts seem to manifest into reality.

22. Intense visuals in meditation.

23. Loss of the sense of time.

24. Awareness of shifting timelines.

25. Re-evaluating your personal, individual truth.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is imperative that you let us know and connect with others going through the same thing.

art by:Louis Dyer

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  1. For a long time now, all of the symptoms above I am experiencing, with sudden flashes of fear and doubt alongside everything
    Thank you for doing this, you’re doing a wonderful thing for people, please keep it up
    We are one in harmony, coming to realize that
    Love, light, abundance

  2. Been going through this for over a year, and more extreme the last 6 months. DNA upgrade into 5D and new cycle is what I’m believing.

  3. Ive experienced 19 of these this year ongoing and increasing. Especially the pain in my solar plexus, headaches, synchronisity, dreams, waking, feelings that manifest… Sensing and restlessness. Why…..

  4. I have been experiencing all of these symptoms. I can’t seem to stay awake is a major one. Heaviness and pressure in my rib cage area. Even the stomach area. I just went and bought $30 fruit and vegetables.

  5. Omg. I got a sick feeling in my stomach just reading those. It was an identical list of odd things going on with me. A few other really weird coincidences too. Something feels off, like I’ve become more aware then usually when I’m going to have a major shift of my life and literally everything has been changing one after another. It’s crazy to think I’m not the only one.

  6. All but a few. I’m going thru a divorce at the same time and I’m a Libra and my whole world seems to be in complete chaos but I’m so calm where normally I wouldn’t. What is going on? I know the Super Blood Wolf moon in a few days but WOW! This is way too much craziness.

  7. Yes to all the above, it feels like a twilight zone things are backwards, medatative transmissions are being recieved while im not in a medatative state, recieving, lessons, images, single words, full sentences, while going about my day wide awake.
    It starts with the sound frequency tone and you feel the energy hit you.
    I stop whatever im doing and listen.
    Some of those energetic frequencies knock me on my ass in state of blank because i had recieved and viewed someone elses memories. It put me in state of shock and confussion questioning everything i thought i knew of the memory i recieved.
    And everything is always taboo
    And everyone is always labeled bat shit, and there is no real help or guidance because you cant trust anyone, and ive yet still to come across a reciever who didnt go on a power trip and or try to manipulate others or use people who are seeking help.
    Apology to those who arent like that.
    So we just get lost in the abyss in solitude because a sylum is not where any with theses symptoms and experiences belong. So we belong no where because its abnormal, taboo, crazy, stupid nonsense…and most and theres so many just keep it to themselves or to a very small few…

    Me i dont care because im not a cliche, and you can go anywhere and automatically know who you can connect with on the same level, and you know who not to, and who to stay away from.

  8. I have been experiencing mist of these symptoms. Especially the synchronicities, all day everyday. This past September I suffered a seizure for the first time. I had never had one, they don’t run in either side of the family. I recently graduated with my MSW in Holistics May 2018. I meditate often and live a positive lifestyle. I have counseled consumers with mental and behavioral disabilities. I’ve taught them mediation, yoga, breathing techniques. I’ve shared mindfulness techniques to all that need. I think my quest for enlightenment caused what happened to me. The doctors still have no reason as to why I had a seizure. I think my 4 day stay in the hospital after my seizure, was the result of a major shift in my being. An aneurism was also found during my testing. It is 10mm in size, in thelower left occipital area of my brain. I have no fear about it. It will not affect my purpose in the world. The share love, peace, and light. ♥️🧘🏾‍♀️🧿✨💫🕯💎

  9. I have noticed extreme changes in my life and in my spirit as well. Sometimes I’ll just get super anxious, for no reason. My eating habits have changed and even changes in my dreams and lucidity during dreams. Along with shared dreams with a close friend.

  10. Yes I’m with you’se since I’ve realised the power of positivity and the laws of karma my life has been more relaxed than recent years I treat others how’d I’d like to be treated and don’t judge others live life tho don’t dwell on maybes and what ifs enjoy your family and friends and adventures in your life.

  11. I am having every single symptom listed…It has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. But it’s definitely a spiritual awakening. I’ve and light to everyone ❤

  12. I’m experiencing a majority of these symptoms and extreme exhaustion and symptoms of the flu for two days and now it’s gone. What’s is this?

  13. Pretty much all of these for quite awhile now. If not sleeping or constantly being tired then waking up at all hours of the night. Emotions up and down. Constant worry of what is to come. Glad its not just me. What can we do about it?

  14. I have all these symptoms . They have amped up since the beginning of the new year, Bad head aches with sharp pains behind the eyes. my balance is off,to the point i have almost fell a few times. Very sharp metallic ringing in my ears. with high tones. Strange pains moving around my body. Emotions are through the roof. I find tears rolling down my cheeks at the drop of a hat! Good I am not alone on this one. I get peace when i meditate, Quite the mind seem to help me . We are one . we will get throw this too. love and Light to all !

  15. I’m experiencing every one of the points you have listed – feels like I’m ‘losing it’ at certain points in the day & have so much going on – Also, on the upside, I am attracting lots of males & females who need help & advice in some way & I am being given very positive messages myself from them which is helping me on a daily basis – I’ve been calling my symptoms ‘Menopause brain’ but reading this article puts things into perspective & makes sense – it’s exciting that I’m on the mystery tour & I’m embracing it & learning but I can definitely feel things shifting in many ways & something ( I believe the Universal energy) is guiding me to much greater things & to realise my greatest potential & live the life I really want 😉 Giving your help & love freely will always return in great ways – Between us we can make the world a much better place x


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