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Not All Your Thoughts Are Yours

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are used to thinking that all our thoughts, ideas and intentions are generated by our mind. However, there might be something more to it.

Want it or not, the man is inextricably connected to all other creatures on a subconscious level. Even other people’s thoughts are closely interwoven with one other. Moreover, the person you are thinking about can actually hear your thoughts in his or her head, but they are simply not attaching any importance to it.

If you want to send some information or hide something from somebody, this person already knows about it. They simply lack confidence to override their self-doubt, which, if they do it, would confirm their assumptions.

Besides people, our thought can be penetrated by egregores and astral parasites as well.

The latter ones are particularly fierce and violent: they find a vulnerable victim who probably has attracted them with their thoughts and mood, then these astral parasites lodge themselves in this person’s subtle body and partially take control over their consciousness.

The victim isn’t aware of this and they still think they have everything under control. But this is when the changes begin to happen. The character changes and they start manifesting bed and even lethal habits.

This person’s entire attention is diverted towards the parasite, which allows it to control its host. Parasites can be creatures from the lower astral levels, undeveloped souls, souls of dead people that didn’t go into the light and many others.

In cases when we are being impacted by human outer influence, our real self is mostly suppressed. Unfortunately, this is a process that starts in the childhood: we’ve been told, over and over again, that our opinion isn’t important.

People put us in boxes and impose behavioral patterns upon us: what to do, how to think and what to believe in. This is the moment when control over our thoughts is being taken, and sadly, not by ourselves, but by other people.

What they do is, ‘drive the newcomer into a corner’ in order to establish an internal link, so they don’t have any other choice but to subdue to the will of others.

In the process, this person shows a strong dissatisfaction because he or she is fighting not to manifest it. This is how the matrix, whose main objective is to enslave every mind in order to exploit it, works.

All in all, it’s very easy to prove that there is a live and actual connected between yours and the thoughts of the person you are talking to; all you need to do is pay close attention and understand. Listen!

Surprisingly, you will realize that your thoughts were very effective, because this person you’ve been talking to, already knows what you have previously told him through your subconscious link.

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