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Earth Angels Swear Sometimes Too

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Believe it or not, but, swearing can actually be good for you.


Well, this is true.

You must have found yourself asking this question from people who curse: Don’t you feel weird?

Well, it is not weird to curse. We live a life which is obviously full of stress and so much negativity and sometimes we are so down that we end up swearing and abusing. Now the thing is that swearing means that you are releasing negative energy around you and you are projecting that negative energy on other people.

If this is the case that one might argue that swearing is not good because you are basically piling on the people around you. But, there is this one thing that I have learnt after a few years of spiritual experience and I am going to share it with you.

The thing is that, we have got to be ourselves, shamelessly and unabashedly. We cannot try and emulate and become someone else. If we try to become someone else, we will lose the thing that is special about us.

Now, put this idea in the discourse of swearing and you have my response. The thing is that I don’t endorse swearing but it is only ‘human’ to do so. This means that it is only human to get angry at things and to react without thinking and one of the ways in which we do that is by wearing.

When we swear, we try to get the tension out of us easily and we try to liberate ourselves from the stress around us. In trying to find an easy escape, we end up swearing. But, you must understand that while you swear, you are only being yourself and there is absolutely no harm in being yourself.

In fact, you should try to be yourself as much as possible because that is the way you will achieve what you wish to.

So, while I don’t support swearing that much, I still feel that it isn’t that bad.

Try it sometimes. It might help you abate your anger.

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