The Metaphysical Reasons Why You Have Been Feeling Sick

by Conscious Reminder

Our body and our mind are intrinsically connected to each other. In fact what goes on in our mind has a lot of impact on our body. Here are a few illnesses which can be brought on by metaphysical causes.

Acne- It can be aggravated when we are not willing to accept ourselves as is. When our mind doesn’t like what it sees.

Allergies- Almost all allergies could be brought on by doubting your own capabilities.

Back aches and related problems- It arises when you feel that you are not supported, it could be financially, emotionally etc.

Cancer- Some sort of grief of a deeply buried feeling of being hurt which eats away at you.

Flu and cold- A lot of negativity and uncertainty can give the virus free passage to wreak havoc on your system.

Diabetes- When you subconsciously feel that there is not enough sweetness in your personal life you seek it in your food.

Ear related problems- When you are under a lot of distress and certain things make you angry, you might be wanting to avoid hearing about them.

Eyes related problems- When you don’t want to see something, either in the future (nearsightedness) or the present (farsightedness).

Headaches- When you are getting overwhelming emotions or being too harsh on yourself.

Heartburn- You are not sure about your life’s progress.

Heart- When your life has little or no joy or too much aggression.

Lungs- a lot of grief could be causing you problems with breathing.

PMS- When you don’t listen to the essential feminine sense.

Skin troubles- If you are being annoyed at something or you have some anger which you can’t let out.

Sinus- When something or someone who is a little too close to you is bothering you.

Throat Problems- If you have not been saying what you mean to it can cause a sore throat.

Stomach problems- If you have been having trouble accepting some things, it can lead to stomach aches.

Teeth- Either you have been taking too much work, or not appreciating life enough.

Thyroid- When you feel like you are not being able to achieve your full potential.

Urinary infections- When you are too angry at something but not finding a proper medium to let it out.

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