Diamonds Are Forever, But Are Soulmates Too?

by Conscious Reminder

The general belief about soulmates is that they are forever. 

Often, people feel a very strong initial connection with a person, and they instinctively label them soulmates. But is every partner we have a soulmate of ours?

When we start dating and we fall in love overwhelmed by the influx of hormones that cause the feeling of ecstasy, it’s easy to think that that person is The One. But as soon as we break up with them, they kind of lose the status of Soulmates.

So the real question now is, do we know what soulmates are, and are they are forever or just for a while?

We have to understand that people are not forever, not all of them.

We meet different people at different times of our lives because they all come into our world to teach us something and once we have learnt what we need to, they walk out of our lives, after directing us to the path of self actualisation.

Most people also believe that soulmates are people we are involved with romantically, but the fact that our soulmate could be anyone like our siblings, friends; escapes our understanding.

All of us feel lost in some way or the other and are looking for a certain someone who will help us make sense of the things in our lives and make us feel comfortable and not alone.

All of this being said, we have to know that a soulmate will not always be a romantic interest, it can be a best friend and if your soulmate is your partner, there is no compulsion that the relationship will go on forever, although it will definitely bring about a huge positive change in you, both emotionally and spiritually.

The point is that; do not let this derail you from the path of enlightenment and freedom. Love is a beautiful thing and one finds it at the unexpected times and places.

Being sad and depressed about this will not solve anything and will only stand in the way of you finding love and direction in your life.

Accept that beautiful things are not forever but they can be the most life changing things to ever happen to you. It is not about the time duration, it is always the intensity of the things.

As people say, do not fall in love, rise in love. The Universe has a plan for everyone.

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