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Music Has The Power To Rewire The Brain: Here’s What Your Favorite Song Is Capable Of

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Everyone knows that music is powerful enough to cross language and cultural barriers with ease.

It can be a bridge on which people meet halfway in order to put behind any differences they had in the past.

Imagine having the worst day at work, and you hear your favorite tune coming from a stranger’s phone. It instantly makes your day better.

What is the secret behind this hold that music has on all of us? How is it that no one is left unaffected by the sound of music?

Well the reason might be more scientific than a simple feel good factor. It has been found that music has the ability to alter the wiring of our brain.

Music dates back to as old as humanity, perhaps even older. Earth itself is said to have a song of its own.

Whatever the origins of music might be, current technology is being used to map its effect on our brain activity.

With the help of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging it was observed that listening to the kind of music an individual likes lead to a significant increase in their blood connectivity.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a classics fan or rock and roll lover, listening to your favorite music can kind of activate the default mode network of your brain!

This is responsible for the subjective and critical thinking we do as well as imagination, creativity, hope etc. Music can be mind altering in the most beautiful way.

If that wasn’t enough, music in the form of certain sound waves which have proven to be beneficial- has regenerative properties for the brain.

It can even improve memory and is equally effective even in toddlers.

Steroid hormones help in repairing and even regenerating our cerebral nerves. Music also enhances the secretion of these hormones.

And finally, music helps the brain in reacting to the information it processes in a more holistic manner.

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