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Substantial Differences Between Soulmates And Twin Flames

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The concept of soulmates is romanticized endlessly, and rightly so.

We talk about finding soulmates and how beautiful everything would be but we all know that it is much easier said than done and not only that, you also might have heard of the term Twin Flames that is also used in place of the word Soulmates but they are not the same thing at all.

Soulmates: Meaning

The word soulmates is pretty much self explanatory once you break it up into two parts: soul and mate. We know what the words individually mean so the word can literally be translated into someone who is a friend of our soul and understands us better than other people do.

The thing about soulmates is that there is no limit to how many one person can have. A soulmate also need not be a romantic interest or someone you are with romantically. The entire point of soulmates is that they make you feel the most comfortable, unlike anyone else. You might be close to a lot of people, but nobody will be quite like your soulmate.

Twin Flames: Meaning

Ancient mythology says that when souls were created, they were divided into two parts, one of them being the masculine side and one being the feminine side of spirituality. So basically, a twin flames is the other half of your soul. It may so happen that you incarnate before or after your twin but they will always help you find your way from a spiritual realm.

Your twin flames is basically someone who is your mirror and completes you in every way there is. A twin flames relationship is beautiful but it comes with its own issues at the beginning of the relationship, but twin flames have to be together, no matter why, which is why they find their way.


A human being has a lot of relationships in their lives and they meet a few soulmates and sometimes it so happens that you meet one particular soulmate numerous times in your life and so on. The purpose that soulmates essentially serve is that they tell you more about things you do not know and prepare you for everything in life.

They guide you through the part of your life that is especially complicated and if they are not forever, they leave back memories that you can cherish forever. It might also happen that your soulmate and twin flame is the same person, and sometimes it may also happen that your twin flames relationships are not forever. There are many variables but the only constant is the way you will feel when in contact with our soulmates or twin flames.

Also, do not forget that sometimes your twin flames and you will not incarnate at the same time but they will still spiritually guide you whenever you need, so if you do not feel the connection with anyone in your life, listen to what the Universe is saying to you and keep going!

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