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Find Your Soulmate With The Power Of Reiki

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For those who haven’t heard of it, Reiki is a Japanese energeticic technique that is used for healing on every level.

During a session, the therapist holds your hands, and charges your spiritual energy through osmosis.

It does not only help to align your chakras, and sustain your mental well-being, but it also has beneficial results on the physical self.

One of the most surprising uses of Reiki, is its ability to push you closer to the love of your life.

Cleaning Toxic Residue

We all have skeletons in the closet that we would rather not revisit. Reiki works towards dismantling the burden you have been carrying.

It helps you move on from past romances, discarding their trauma on the way. This helps you to start afresh, with a heart that has more space to accept affection.

If you carry the weight of all the wounds that life has inflicted, you will miss out on a silver lining.

In holding on to the misery of your ex, you fail to recognize the Prince Charming standing right in front of you. Reiki helps you forget what isn’t worth remembering.

Stitching Our Emotions Together

Our heart has been through a lot of turmoil; ups and downs; emotional roller-coasters that we never signed up for.

We have walked into relationships with red flags blazing on the horizon, and come out very, very broken. The heart has taken too many hits for us to count.

One would think that its ability to love runs out, but it does not. It merely gets tired. Reiki helps to recharge the soul, and make it capable to giving and receiving affection, again.

It walks up to your heart and says, “Hey. You are bigger than your circumstances. This is not your time to give up.”

Inculcating Good Vibes

Aura is an actual thing. It isn’t something mythology lied to you about. The kind of ‘vibe’ you emit, decides the kind of people you attract.

If you give off a sad aura, then that is what your life will be centered around. Reiki helps to cleanse your aura of negativity.

When you emit signals that are healthy, happy, caring, and positive, you will automatically rise on the radar of people who are similar. One of them will end up being your soulmate.

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