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The Buddhist View On Karma & How You Can Cleanse Yours

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Do you believe in karma? Do you think you can escape the result of your deeds (action)?

Well, Buddhists and Hindus believe that Karma is a natural law, so it does not matter if you believe in it or not, karma will strike. “Karma happens naturally to everyone.”

According to Buddhists, these are the four characteristics of Karma.

– Karma is Definite: Karma will happen no matter what. Just like gravity, it’ll exert its force on everything and in all circumstances (you can escape gravity, but not karma!!)

– Karma depends on your intentions.

– Karma is infallible. Only your actions matter.

– Karma stays. You can purify your karma through good deeds, but your bad karma still stays.

Believing in karma can change your life for better. You’ll be more conscious about your actions and its results. You will be worried about the repercussions of the actions not just on yourself but also on others. According to Buddha, one can cleanse their bad karma and create better results.

Here are a few steps that you can take to cleanse your karma.

1. Be Remorseful. Regretting your negative choices can be really helpful to cleanse your karma as remorse cannot be faked. Karma recognizes honesty.

2. Be Aware. Always be aware of your deeds. Buddhists believe in checking all 3 types of actions. • Physical •Verbal •Mental. A bad thought is also a bad karma.

3. Be clear in your intentions. Buddhists believe that intentions are more important than actions. Sometimes things may get out of hand and thus result in some bad accident but if your intention was good, then you’ll not face the complete brunt of karma.

4. Be Grateful. Gratitude keeps you humble and thus creates a positive aura around you. Being ungrateful results in unwholesome actions. Prepare a list of what you are grateful for.

5. Be kind. Be the best you can, for others. Being kind brings happiness not just in your life but in the lives of others as well.

It’ll be difficult at first to embark on this journey, but believe me you’ll live a much happier life if you take the risk!

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