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Angels And How They Can Help You Find True Love

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by Conscious Reminder

Guardian angels also called daimones by the Greeks are higher beings who help mortals out of the benevolence of their hearts.

This is something that many people refer to using different names including the voices in their head. Many famous people claimed to have received help from such entities.

Guardian angels among other things, like to see their subjects happy and fulfilled. To facilitate this, they often help them meet their soulmates/twin flames. This is because the bonds of romance between these couples are the strongest.

Now all angels are benevolent, but there may be some who are better suited for certain kinds of wishes. For an exhaustive list of angels, use Robert Webster’s Encyclopaedia of Angels. The book lists names of all the angels in heaven in alphabetical order.

Now let’s see the kinds that might help you out in cases of love.


He is the one who finds true love for you. As a result, he has been called the Twin Flame angel or the soulmate angel too. He finds mention in Robert Webster’s book too, as one of the angels of “Venus”, the conventional goddess of Romance.


He is the one who finds permanence for your relationships. He lends you and your partner grace and temperance which sweetens every single romantic relationship.


This is the angel of heartache. His job is to find for you two the middle ground for reconciliation. Angels have been helping people find love since forever. There are mentions even in the Bible with Issac finding Rebecca with the help of an angel. The Lord works in mysterious ways and angels are only one of his many agents.


When angels have their benevolence to bestow, they make sure to let you know. This way you can be prepared to receive grace and love.

This can range from small things like butterfly sightings to people you wanting to ask out, coming and starting conversations with you out of their own volition.

So, be receptive and ready.

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