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10 Signs Your Body Gives You That Indicate Starseed Awakening

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Starseed awakening is the time frame during which the starseed finds new purpose in their lives to complete their duties in this world. These are the physical implications that suggest starseed awakening.

Physical Signs


With the multiple rush of energies zooming through your body, it might make you feel queasy and unstable.

Weird aches

The energy flowing through actually activates the different parts of your body, mainly the kundalini energy which makes you realise the various pains that were hidden inside.

Waking up really early daily

Starseeds are said to be most spiritually powered in early mornings which means they often wake up at 3am, when the strength of the energies is highest.

Sudden heavy slumber

When you’re having periods of deep sleep it suggests that you are working towards your spiritual goals. When you’re dreaming, you’re most active in your duty, and so once you wake up it almost feels like you’ve woken up after years.

Emotionally stressful dreams

As time passes, you’ll probably feel that your dreams are progressively becoming more and more dramatic, with rising intensity. They would appear to be very realistic. These experiences help you prepare for the mission you are about to begin, making your body get used to the hardships that are to follow.

Heightened senses

With the rush of energies, your body vibration increases, impacting the third eye chakra and changing how you perceive your surroundings. Since you’re still transforming, the energies don’t stabilize completely, which makes you sensitive to light, temperature and sound.


As your physical and spiritual selves combine, your body cells vibrate which results in slight electric shocks in your nerves, causing spasms.

Anxiety attacks

With all these rapid changes, you often feel anxious and depressed. The vibrations activate the root chakra which causes uneasiness and anxiety in you.

Signs of flu

As the energies in the three upper chakras are increased, you might experience flu-like conditions for some time. It’s strange because sometimes it gets really serious but medical check-ups don’t show any results.


These changes really impact the body physically and mentally, causing stress and mood swings. Hardships make you feel down whereas spiritual elevation gives you joy.

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