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Practicing Tibetan Singing Bowls Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

How singing bowl help in medicinal practices?

Everything that is tangible has a certain vibration to it. Various frequencies work in harmony together to create the world that we live in. The human body also contains these vibrations and when they fall out of order, our immunity dives and we become vulnerable to sickness.

We need to heal ourselves by bringing those frequencies back to the proper alignment so that they may sound harmoniously once again. In sound healing, the singing bowls are kept on the various chakra points on the body. Or a bowl can be held above the person and slowly moved all over him. This ensures that the energies you are seeking to heal are attuned to the bowl.

If there is anything blocking your pathways, the music of the bowl will clear it and ensure that you are relaxed and calm. The sonic waves that the bowl radiates resound through each and every cell and make the body shift to the theta brain waves that make everything clearer.

The different types of bowls:


With a round bottom and sides that are tall and curved, their notes falls in the middle of octaves two and three. They come from the East of Tibet and help people feel balanced and harmonious.


The smallest and most popular bowls, the notes they emit are very high are useful for healing the heart chakra.


These bowls are characterized by their straight sides and flattened bottoms. They emit a wide range of notes, ranging from the third to the sixth octaves, based on how big they are. They help ground a person and are used mainly on the root chakra.


Very important for healing through vibrations, these bowls emit a high sound that will cut you to the core. A piece of metal embedded in the centre makes it different from the rest.

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