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What Happens When Soulmates Go Though A Break-Up?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Having a soulmate is the most spectacular thing ever. Two halves of one soul, someone you love unconditionally.

The bond that you share is inexplicable and deep that you can even communicate with each other mentally. Therefore it is quite strange if soulmates end relationships. It makes us wonder whether they were really soulmates to begin with.

How to figure out if it’s your soulmate?

The feeling will be so strange and electric that you will immediately know. It’s like all of Universe has come together just to make the two of you meet. Your soulmate completes you. They become your closest friend, your ultimate pillar of support. They guide you through every problem and are always willing to listen to you. They possess the ability to ground you and calm your nerves.

The best part is they won’t ever judge you for being who you are and so you won’t ever have to hesitate or pretend to be someone else to please them. You can express yourself freely in front of them and they’ll love you just the same.

Difference between soulmate and twin flames

The difference is subtle but quite profound nonetheless. Soulmates are life partners who stick with you throughout. However, twin flames are the ones who come in our lives to educate and groom us. They’re here to make us better people by helping us understand our flaws. This is why it’s less likely for twin flame relationships to last forever.

Soulmates however feel immense pain when they fight and so are not strong enough to teach life lessons. It’s a terrible experience for them and so they would rather cuddle up and be happy together.

Soulmates who are taken

It might seem weird but it’s not extraordinary to see soulmates who find each other late in life and so one of them is probably married or engaged by then. No matter how much you struggle you can’t stay together and that’s terrible. Maybe that’s why there are so many heartbreaking love stories.

Huge Age Difference

It’s frustrating when soulmates have huge age gaps and so they cannot enjoy being in a love relationship simply because of social prejudice. There are many who don’t care but there are more who do. They end up settling for guide or mentor dynamics in order to be happy.

Soulmate Separation

You have to understand that if your soulmate chooses to break up with you then they were never your soulmate to begin with. It’s extremely rare for soulmates to separate and even then there’s some real noble duty involved.

I did not marry my soulmate

Sometimes soulmates aren’t that intense as we portray them to be and so years go by before we realize whether we actually met them or not. However, if they love you deeply, are your best friend for a long time, then you’ve found them. If you aren’t happy being married then analyze if you want to stay with them or if taking a risk is worth it.

Several Soulmates

Mostly people have just one love in all their lives but it’s not weird to have more partners. You might never have a soulmate and still love many people.

Ways to Move on

You have to accept that they weren’t your soulmate and so don’t let it hold you back. If it was indeed real then it will be very painful but find hope in the fact that you might be together in some other life.

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1 comment

John September 1, 2018 - 2:47 am

I haven’t been able to get on same page with soulmate an we just never seen eye to eye,but I know when soulmate you feel magnetically connected immediatley, feel in love with instantly,have been married twice,never felt no attraction like thos,but she denied San still does to this day but you know when someone has live for you….but now I hear my soulmate twin flame in suppose to meet this month are going to split in end…whats the chances I run off both…..an I’m learning spirituality as we speak ,lan I’m a much better person than I use to be,is it possible someone was wrong about this,also heard she was my daughter in previous life that died,soulmate 23 me 54…..is this possible????


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