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When A Woman Says It’s Over, It Really Is Over!

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Women have been conditionally trained to stay put and be passive and resilient. They have been taught to be submissive and let the tide pass over their heads.

Be it family affairs or be it things like dating and relationships, it is almost always the woman who makes  the sacrifices for the relationship.

But given the world has and is changing, this situation too, has been rotating. Women have increasingly become, for the better of the whole world, more and more self-dependent, emotionally, physically and mentally.

They have increasingly come into the foray of the limelight, in all spheres. When a relationship breaks apart and people scatter in two different paths, make sure to think on these things before reaching into conclusions:

1. The correct thing to do is never easy

If you, the one that breaks the relationship up, know that you had a more than legitimate reason to do so, never back out of your decision. Do not let anyone guilt trip you into doing anything stupid, like a back-slide. If the decision was easy, it was, in no way the correct thing to do. Expedience and ethics never go hand in hand.

2. Accept the fate of the relationship

If she has left you, or you have left her, it is probably for a reason. Do not be the one guilt tripping the other. And it is needed to mention here, that women are far easily guilt tripped into getting back together, because they have been trained to be the caring ones, all the time. Even at the cost of their own well-being.

3. Accept responsibility

If you hurt her, accept it. It will help you move on and who knows, you might even be on cordial terms. You might remain friends.

4. Time changes things

Everything changes with time. Even if things don’t improve, you will be able to live with it better.

5. Show guts

And gestures that show to her, your acceptance of your guilt.

6. Reminisce

But outgrow your mistakes.

7. Fresh starts

Should come from a mutual decision and should be better planned and really well thought out.

8. Self-security

If both parties aren’t secured in their own skin and with themselves, no way will the relationship work. You’ll keep running over the same old ground and find same old fears.

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