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The Spiritual Warrior Dance Will Help You Reclaim Your Solar Plexus Chakra Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Our solar plexus chakra is the power house which fuels our will and inner strength. It is like a huge fireball within us which is responsible for kick starting our metabolism and controlling our energy.

Our sense of purpose and drive all depend on it. It is our most direct contact with spirits and their ageless wisdom, the home of our gut feelings. However since this chakra regulates our sense of assertiveness, it is also very easy for it to get out of balance. It is prone to both excess and deficit, wherein the former makes us want to control everything and everyone around us whereas the latter makes us a pushover.

If our solar chakra is inactive we would lack the energy to reach our goals and be lethargic all the time. An over active chakra would be a frenzy of activity which only focuses on dominance over others.

A balance can be brought to the Chakra though an ancient dance which was practiced by the warriors. It uses physical movements of high energy to focus and balance our inner energies. A warrior is one who knows his own strength and is not afraid to stand up for what he knows is right. This is what a healthy Solar plexus should feel like.

It does not mean that a warrior can never be afraid, they just have the courage to face whatever obstacle they may face. The warrior will stand true to his or her nature and not worry about conforming to the social cues. The connection to our solar plexus is very crucial for fighting new age epidemics such as depression.

The Solar Chakra is closely related to our very life force. The dissipation and regulation of the pranic energy through our material body is controlled by this chakra and it impacts everything from vitality to our digestion.

The dance of the warrior works by helping activate the solar chakra which in turn regulates the Vayus which makes our bodies function. The in breath is the Prana Vayu and the outbreath is the Apana Vayu. The pause between both of these is called the Samana vayu and it regulates everything like nutrient absorption and this is mainly what is located in the solar plexus.

Experiencing the dance, the first thing you’ll first notice the music and nothing but. Slowly as it progresses you’ll become aware of a fire within you but soon the intensity will be so much that you won’t be able to do anything about it.

This fire is purifying and it detoxifies everything in our body which might cause us harm. It also acts like fuel to push us forward and give us the energy and vitality that we all desperately need.

If the plexus is balanced, you will find that you can easily manipulate between lots of work and be confident in every walk of life.

It is necessary to pay attention to the needs of our spirit and keep things in balance instead of always running after material goals.

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