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When Twin Flames Have Doubts About Each Other

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A Twin Flame is one of those special circumstance relationships, like Soulmates. They both have often been used synonymously, erroneously. They are different things.

Where soulmates are spiritual complements to each other, twin flames are spiritual mirrors to each other.

In a twin flame relationship, it is easier to see what you as a spiritual being lack, because it is reflected in the person you love.

This makes this situation quite tricky to handle. The resultant relationship is often very intense and very passionate.

All the love and the narcissism that you might have been subconsciously harbouring comes out and the two of you will be inseparable.

But soon however, there is a higher chance of chaos and confusion.

This is because, when you see your complement in action, you know what to do in life, what can make life easier: but in the case of looking at your spiritual mirror, you simply see what you are doing wrong in life and find no possible solution for it.

Twin flames often end up giving up on each other and leave; there is a whole phenomenon named after it: the runner flame.

The thing to notice here is that more often than not, the case is that you would be giving up on yourself rather than your twin, and definitely not on love.

The easiest solution to this chaos is probably the most clichéd word in the world of dating: communication.

Gaps must be bridged, in two aspects: since you are basically dealing with your spiritual copy, you must deal with your own issues first.

You must feel safe and contented with your station in life and your general existence. This of course is the tougher of the two paths.

The second thing you must do, is sit and talk it out with your twin flame. You must be convincing in a way that you would want someone to explain the situation to you.

This would definitely lighten the air.

Try this out.

Do not give up on your twin. These relationships are rare and you definitely are fortunate to have it.


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