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3 Superstitions That May Not Be A Complete Hocus Pocus

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In a world where man has stepped on the moon, superstitions seem like a bad dream.

Usually, the concept of superstition comes from folklore that have been passed from generation to generation.

They are generally dubious and elusive, with different versions of the same thing, depending on your geographical location and the time period you belong to.

Although here are three superstitions that have been said to contain actual magic theories behind them:

1. Knocking on wood

Since the ancient times, people have had this custom of knocking on wood, or rapping it thrice with their knuckles to ward off evil spirits.

This practice is of Shamanic culture where priests and priestesses used to knock on trees, to deploy the spirit of the tree, to ward off evil.

This comes from the notion that every tree has a guardian spirit that looks after it. If you are knocking one next time, keep this in mind.

2. Garlic to ward off evil

Garlic is one such product that has been turned into a trope by Hollywood movies. People have thought that using garlic would ward off evil spirits and vampires, as the pungent smell of garlic is harmful to them.

This practice is prevalent in both the European and the Asian community. Garlic is also associated with the planet Mars, which combats bad luck, and bad karma throughout. Anything evil, and garlic evens it out.

3. Black cat = Bad Luck

Black cats have been overused by folklores throughout the world as an omen for bad luck, to the extent that one spits on the spot a black cat is found, to ward off evil from that location.

One interesting feature of this superstition is that it is seen completely opposite in the United Kingdom, which sees it as a symbol for good luck. But what is true, is that they are symbolic to change.

They are more of a forecast, that situations and circumstances are about to change and you need ti prepare yourself for it.

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