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Mars Is Turning Retrograde On June 26th, 2018: Consciousness Call

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by Conscious Reminder

Of all the planets to affect Earth in it’s orbit, Mars affects the most. Whatever it does seems to affect us more than we could presume, or comprehend.

Most of the asteroids that hit earth, or pass by, originate from the Mars-Jupiter belt, and due to its similarity with the Earth’s climate, there is a resurgence in trying to know how it can be used as a haven for the over populated and dense regions of our planet.

But, we can find Martian influence most in the fields of astrology. The movement of Mars leads to several phenomena that can be understood only by consulting the horoscopes, or the numerology charts. It isn’t for the weak willed, only a certain few are able to determine the presence of this alien planet on our daily lives.

Mars is turning retrograde from Jun 26th to August 27th. This means that out proclivity to do certain things and gain an advantage over others is severely diminished, for this change leads us to become sorely lazy, and lax in our attitudes towards work.

Even though, this seems more like a curse, an affliction that should be removed, it is indeed a boon, a gift from nature, which we as humans should be able to interpret and use to the best of our abilities

. Since it is the planet of action and motivation, it is a given that we would obviously be affected.

Mars retrograde is a symbol from the universe that we need to look into our own selves. We need to introspect and retrospect on our previous actions, and try to learn from our mistakes.

The universe is telling us, that hurtling like a bull in a china shop is never going to help us understand our reasoning behind the vast mysteries of the universe, and how it leads us to make mistakes, when we could easily rectify them, with the pause that we have.

We all have ambitions, dreams, and motives to work along a certain way. Mars retrograde allows us to check.

Check whether we are along a path to unrivalled success, or are we moving astray. We get the time, to investigate our progress, and how much more do we need to go. We understand if our actions are serving us in a good way, or are they being a hindrance.

The present world has made us automatons, that is, we don’t stop to think where we are at a particular point of time. We have become servants to habit, rather than devotees to truth. We don’t wonder if life has a definite path fixed for us. We just follow the bandwagon, thinking with our arms, and legs, and never our brains.

Mars retrograde will let us have a conscience call, where our judgement would be taken into consideration and analysed to bring out the fault in our stars. We would not just be robots, running the treadmill for the ever elusive piece of cheese, but we would be asked for reasons for a particular thought process, that determined our actions, and our plans.

Actions have consequences. Not only Newton, but several other philosophers, and scientists have determined that. So, we need to stop and think if our actions are going to set us on the path that we want, or are they divulging in the yellow woods, and we are taking the road not taken.

We need to understand that our actions can be two pronged. They might lead us to unparalleled success and prosperity, or they might make us feel like a total failure with no other prospects to look forward too. This is the time, when we need to take a decision. What to do, and when.

So, we need to realise, and we need to learn. We need to understand, and analyse our actions, and learn from them. We need to set a path to success that will never be encroached by failure.

So, on August 27th, we need to make a new move, light a new flame, that would burn away all the mistake of the past.

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