The Darker Side Of Empaths That Is Rarely Explored

Empaths are usually perceived as ones who bring about change and make the world a better place. Having greater powers of perception than other people they can also feel and experience the various energies of the world besides merely seeing them.

Others who are not empaths might think of their special abilities as gifts but that might not always be the case. If you ever see an empath talk about their abilities you would know that these ‘gifts’, on the contrary, might be a source of great emotional turmoil.

On account of their powers, many people come to them seeking emotional support. They earn the trust of a lot of people around them. Thus, at a point of time it might become very difficult for them to cope with the emotions of so many people at a time.

Being an empath comes with its own set of disadvantages. One always has to come to terms with two opposing voices shouting simultaneously inside their minds. This makes them experience the good and the evil at the same time which at times might make them feel quite disoriented and confused.

An empath can give in to pessimism more easily than other people around them. They are deeply affected by the evils that exist in the world. Though they can understand and see how the world runs but they cannot comprehend the fact why such an energy which causes the suffering of so many people exist.

But this does not mean that they are easily defeated by the negativity they experience from the world. Although they might have to undergo a lot of stress from the dark energies surrounding them, they never give up.

Empaths are very generous people who always help others in times of their need. Because of their kind nature, selfish people might take advantage of their kindness. One has to understand that empaths also need to be loved in return. They want the world to accept them being who they are.

It is indeed a heavy burden that an empath has to carry at all times because of their selflessness. Even though the prospects of letting someone else carry that weight may seem easier but an empath nonetheless finds it more meaningful to carry that burden all by themselves thus, willingly choosing the hard path in life.

Another problem that an empath faces is that they can never give themselves completely in to their partners. Even though they fall in love they never let themselves get swayed by the emotions. It is because they realize that if they do so it might become extremely difficult both for themselves and their partners to contain their passion.

Even though they want to give themselves in to a passionate love they never do. They always keep a part of them locked up deep inside where no one can see it. They find it necessary to be so secretive about it.

Empaths constantly have to mediate a battle that goes on inside them all the time. It is a never-ending battle against the suffering in the world and their own pessimism which if not checked and guarded might someday erupt leading to their own destruction.

Empaths require companions who would talk to them and try to understand them, treating them the same way they treat others. This will help an empath to understand their own emotions and purge others that have encroached upon their minds from the outside. This is the only way they can continue fighting with all the negative energies and finally emerge victorious.

Otherwise the war that they have waged shall never end and finally consume them.

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