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The Healing Powers Of Crying

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Bottling up emotions makes a person a sitting risk: the mind works in such a way that you cannot ignore emotional turmoil in any way. Your mind will wander right there where you need it to not go.

The rest we all know: depression, melancholia and sadness.

However there is a tiny way out too, something that nature has provided to man as a safety catch. This is one thing that makes man human more than anything else. The thing I am talking about, is crying.

Crying can help humans release things that would otherwise bottle up and fester inside their minds.

Here are some ways in which crying can heal a person’s inner wounds:

1. Crying helps you establish connections

Crying makes you share your sorrow and we all know that sorrow shared is lessened, while happiness shared is made bigger. Crying appeals to humans on a primal level, a level which urges them to be concerned about the person crying; it’s evolutionary.

2. Crying can help you move on

Crying can help you release the sorrow bottled you up. That helps relieve you of what is troubling you, making your heart lighter and your head clearer. So in a way, crying makes you smarter.

3. Flush out toxins

It had been found out by medical research a while ago, that tears eject out a minuscule amount of urea out of your body and helps you see better, by lubricating your eyelids. It actually makes you healthier, even if we discount the numerous benefits to your mental health.

4. Instant de-stressor

This is probably the obvious point on our list. Crying is the body’s coping mechanism, actually the most powerful one in place in the body. This helps your body calm you down and get the parasympathetic nervous system running. It also cause mild release of endorphins which instantly make you happier and if not happier, lighter.

And crying is not just something that releases tension and sorrow, it also helps people release excess joy; hence the proverbial tears of joy.

So next time, someone asks you to “man up” and stop crying, do not listen to them. Cry. Let your heart breathe.

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