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Our Twin Flame Journey Teaches Us A Lot More Than Just Unconditional Love

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are mysteries, and if you are a skeptic, close this article; it is not for you. However, if you believe in the mysterious ways of the spiritual universe, this is just it for you.

Love comes in many different forms, and the twin flame phenomenon is one of the many wondrous ways in which it is expressed by the universe.

Twin flames are a couple of individuals who are the exact spirit inside; that is, their fundamental soul is one.

As a result, when these individuals bind in the forces of romance, it is magical. They get to love themselves and learn a lot about themselves.

This is because people often miss out on a lot when asked to find it in themselves. At the same time, when the same things happen to someone else, they can learn a lot from the gains/mistakes of said person.

So, if someone else reacts to the world, perceives the world exactly like you, they are your twin flame. The inner flame of their souls and yours burn with the same colour.

Now it is obvious that people in such special relationships will have high hopes for their loves.

This is because loving and being with your twin flame is totally like living with yourself and loving yourself and there can be nothing more fulfilling and wholesome.

The love between twin flames too, is really intense, because all expectations are met and all hopes are fulfilled; at least during the initial periods.

But the mistake that almost everyone makes is the fact that they get their hopes unprecedentedly high: they start expect unconditional love.

This is wrong. Yes, you two are fundamentally and spiritually same. Yes your souls are in tune too. But expecting another human being to love you by surrendering themselves completely is a long shot.

Also given these things, you would end up becoming the victim. This is because you will be disappointed.

Instead, enjoy the energies that arise from your time together. You two are a rare combination. Do not leave things to time.

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