Twin Flame Merging Process: The Most Complicated Part Of The Twin Flame Bonding


The twin flame merging is an important process of this special bonding that represents the reuniting of one old soul that was divided since the beginning of time.

This concept is hard to describe and explain with certainty because the reuniting of the two pieces of the soul happen many times on different levels and dimensions of existence.

However, the twin flames in their present existence are catalysts in each other lives. Once they successfully reunite and bond, it is very hard to destroy their relationship. It is a true bonding that is forged of critically powerful emotions and energy that keeps them connected for the entire time of their existence in that form and dimension.

When twin flames are unable to resolve their conflicts, they estrange themselves, consequently halting the merging process.

They start living their life of lies, shunning their insecurities and fears and cling to materialistic temptations, in a hopeless attempt to hide from the truth their twin flame is revealing to them.

So, we guess that we may have an answer for the question that bothers many of you- yes, it is possible for the twin flame bonding to be unsuccessful in the norms of human connections. To make it simple, even twin flame relationship could result in a total failure.

This happens mostly because of the modern ways of living and connecting between the people. Being in a twin flame relationship means having enough time for your partner, means fully investing yourself for your twin flame, letting your soul to become one with theirs.

However, the power of the universe is very strong and doesn’t leave twin flames unprotected. Actually, that is when the process of twin flame merging truly begins. The merging process aligns us with our fears, emotional traumas, insecurities, self-hatred so that we can confront them.

Spiritual awakening is only achieved by those who struggle endlessly to fight their inner demons and not by those who weather storms by self-medicating and lying to themselves.

The only thing that can complete a twin merge is spiritual ascension.

When you finally muster up the courage to face your self-ego, you accelerate the merging process. And your healing directly benefits your twin flame as well. If your purge yourself of fears and doubts you will be able to truly bond with your twin flame and secure healthy partnership.

As we can see, it’s pretty much like every other relationship, but in the twin flame bonding, we can see that the powerful energy of the universe always aligns them back to each other and gives them the inner strength to invest more in the relationship, change themselves and grow.

However, in the end it always comes to our choice- we should get over our ego or face the failure.

via: The Limitless Minds

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