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Scorpios And The Power In Their Compatibility

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by Conscious Reminder

People who are born between October 23 and November 21, usually find themselves under the zodiac Scorpio; they are slightly misunderstood, and under estimated. That is the biggest mistake one can make.

A person, who is a Scorpio has enormous amounts of untapped potential, that can be used for both the good, and the bad. And due to the frustration that comes with untapping the power, they mostly turn them into bad.

But, what definitely increases the amount of strength a Scorpio has, or can have, is their soul mate. Their soulmate are their biggest assets, and no matter what goes by, this couple is unbreakable.

When a Scorpio and their soulmate draw their relationship, the reason behind them being so powerful, and bipolar, are the following:

1. Intensity, And Innate Sexuality

A Scorpio is all about passion, and being passionate towards something they give their heart to. This results in them being very intense and passionate even towards things like relationship, which they are very, very focused on.

They consider their bond to be the most powerful element on Earth, and they try to be with their soulmate with an intensity that is unmatched. This couples with their innate, ingrained, raw sexuality, that erupts out of them when they see or are with their soulmate, that gives them so much power, with so much passion.

2. Principles

A Scorpio values principles and pragmatism more than anything, but seldom are they able to deal with it themselves. They would hold up the ethics at every point, but when it comes to them being ethical, they miss out sometimes, because their life is so intense and passionate.

3. Feelings

Scorpio are usually a water sign, which signifies pacificity of thought, and expression. They don’t give up, or burst out when something or someone has different emotions, and feelings their own, because they accept that humans are different, and as a rule, human beings are like water, ever fleeting, ever changing, never constant.

They believe that a good relationship occurs only when people realize that other people need to be given time, and acceptance with stuff that is probably not what they have expected it to be, or rather, an emotional levity, that would sustain this relationship.

4. Power Struggle

Power struggle is an inherent thing in Scorpios. The reasoning is that people who are Scorpios usually tend to be the alpha in the relationship. This leads to ego clashes, and scuffles, and arguments and everything that could possibly destroy a relationship, only because they couldn’t let the other have that extra piece of cake.

The power struggle is real in every relationship, and when you are a Scorpio going at it, it never tends to stop. With power, comes responsibility, and seldom are Scorpios able to handle that responsibility, which, in turn, leads to several more power struggle.

5. Transparency

This is simple. Two Scorpios would always be able to see through each other. They are basically the same person, without a major character difference. These people would always be able to predict the other’s actions without even consciously thinking of it, or even manage to understand what the person said without even hearing it from them.

This is a huge boon, but can also turn into a curse, because privacy is a real thing, and if someone can easily read through you, and your entire life is a mere book waiting to be opened and read, you wouldn’t want that, would you? This similarly causes a problem on both ends, for people would always gauge each other’s mindset, to inadvertently find a weakness.

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