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Heartache Is A Necessary Evil: How To Find Your Ground When All You Feel Is Pain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Heartache is everywhere. We might consider ourselves incredibly unlucky to go through it at one point of time, but the truth is that everyone has gone through it.

Humans build themselves on love, and when this love leaves, you can see your heart breaking into a thousand different pieces, from which you don’t think you can recover.

It is hard, definitely, but sometimes, you need to realize that this heartache might have something in store for you which isn’t inherently bad.

Maybe, just maybe, this heartache might be a signal from your fate that now isn’t the time to go off gallivanting with someone else, but to focus inward, and achieve everything you had once planned to.

Most of us believe heartaches are signs of a weak system, where someone isn’t strong enough to control their emotions, and wear it on their sleeve. But what is important, is to understand that bottling one’s emotions never help anyone, in anyway.

Heartaches are your body’s way of telling you that, at times, you need to cry it out, let the tears flow, for otherwise, you would be depressed with all your thoughts eating up inside you, making you doubt your own existence, and your inability to maintain a relationship, which was probably not your fault as it broke.

When you are experiencing a heart ache and the world seems to be slipping further away from you, that is when you need to give in to the deepest emotions, and let them sweep you away.

This might be weakening for you at the moment, but later, this is going to make you a whole lot stronger. When one reaches rock bottom in any relationship; that is when one gathers the courage, and the strength to pull themselves together and start afresh.

For this is life; might be filled with a thousand locked doors, but there would always be an open one.

Cry your heart out, scream at an empty room, immerse into the deepest caverns of your thoughts, for when you come out, you would be stronger and much more independent than you have ever been.

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EL March 28, 2019 - 11:29 pm

“Paige Bradley” is the artist that created the sculpture in the photo used for this post… Her sculptural creation is titled “Expansion”… In essence, breaking out of restrictive cultural belief systems, and instead Being who we really are… Her creation has absolutely “nothing” to do with “heartache”~! Your use of her art for this post, is exceptionally “inappropriate”… Along with not providing her credit, nor providing her website for folks to go to if interested!\ Moving on… “Heartache” is usually caused, because who we expected and thought we were investing in, in a relationship, and who they showed up to be, ends up being completely different; people and realities from what we hoped and imagined (heartache is caused by illusions)! The reason and trouble for “heartbreak”, is our expectations fueled by cultural actions and beliefs, not being in coherence with the truth of how things really are! You can decide to go through all the emotional “drama” you learned is acceptable and appropriate after a break-up (wasting valuable energy and time in the process!), or do a redirect with your; attention, energy and focus, figuring out what false beliefs you adopted and carry that created the illusion this person was right for you to begin with! In life, we either succeed, or we learn… Learn what was your mistake (miss-take) investing in someone inappropriate for you to begin with, then begin giving yourself what you expected from the other! When you become who you want to have in your life, you will attract it! No one can fill you up, but You! Be the love you want to see in your life, and you won’t ever be empty! When you are whole, you will attract wholeness into your life too… Life with another is a partnership, not a rescue mission! Rescue yourself, then you can create what will add to your already inborn magnificence, sharing it in partnership “with” another magnificent Being, thus creating a magnificent life together! Namaste…


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