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Walking The Twin Flame Path To Self Discovery

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames decide their journey to this world and all the experiences that they would be exposed to much before they are born.

The twin souls had decided some basics of their life here and most importantly they had planned out their life’s direction which is known as “dharma” in Buddhist practices.

It’s believed that as you proceed towards attaining your goals in life, the self and the soul comes together, releasing the optimum capacity. It also opens the Twin Flame soul song which refers to the traits and feelings that the bond has in a conscious state.

As you work towards executing your purpose in life, you seem to be guided by light and feel a deep connection with the Universe. It also links you more intensely with your Twin Flame, almost a magnetic energy between the two.

Let’s focus on ways to explore the essence and truth of your existence and to find our purpose.

1. Unlearn Everything And Start From Scratch

When we are trying to rejuvenate ourselves, it’s important to see that we learn to love ourselves in order to heal scars from the past.

The Spirit lets us know that our concept of being average is actually false. We feel incompetent because we try to be like others or always get judged. It’s a part of society and is a very harmful practice.

There’s no need for you to be like others as it is so much better to be yourself.

Try to be aware of what makes you special and what the social structure has forced you to become. There are many people who pretend to be someone else because it’s expected of them. If we always try to copy another person, we will never succeed in anything. We are absolutely glorious ourselves and there can be no one like you. You are special in your own way, so be honest with yourself and the world will learn to appreciate you just the way you are.

Meditation helps you to channel your inner voice and also maintain a dream journal. Write down your dreams and analyse them to figure out certain important messages. These activities make you more open minded and opens up your soul for interaction.

2. Be More Open-Minded

Break through the walls that you have created and your mind will automatically guide you towards newer and better possibilities that won’t restrict your soul anymore. It will let your soul be free and expressive without any fear.

We get confined by our fears and apprehensions that prevent us from being true to ourselves and limits our perceptions. This also affects the Twin Flame bond.

You need to rise up to your true potential and realize how worthy you are. You have the abilities to do everything you wish to.

In order to overcome your fears and walk towards your goals, it’s important to cleanse your soul, meditate and keep track of your emotions. These will guide you towards your path and make you more prone to acquire knowledge.

3. Learn About Yourself

Try and become more aware of yourself and see what makes you feel good and confident. What has worked for others might not work for you. Your life’s journey is different and unique and therefore you need to understand yourself better to make progress. There are millions of possibilities and so when your perception changes, the path also shifts.

Depending on perspectives, the twin flame journey can be difficult for one and rewarding for the other. It solely depends on your expectations, beliefs, ideals and energy level.

Find out your passions and keep yourself in the highest vibrational energy to stay upbeat. The Universe has brought the Twin souls together for a reason and so question yourself to find your purpose.

4. Declutter Your Soul

When you clear out all the negativity from your system it helps you to attain your purpose better. It releases the full potential of the spirit. The Universe will guide you in your path if you visualise your dreams and work towards them. People with ancestral root chakra programming face problems in trying to align. Analyse carefully whether any obstacle in your path is blocking your progress.

5. Fix Your Goals

It’s really helpful when you write your goals down as they work as instructions for our mind. Our mind is great at executing instructions. Research shows that those who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them in the recent years than those who don’t.

You don’t need to have religious beliefs in order to get guidance from the Divine. Approach the Spirit to show you the way when you feel lost and they will help you.

Connect with yourself in peace and hear your thoughts. It will give you mental peace and help you in your path. It helps to detangle your knots, give you a new perspective and give you solace.

6. Your Emotions Will Show You The Way

You can find out the truth about existence through your emotions and not rationality. Look into your heart and you’ll get a clear picture of what you want. You can feel the Twin Flame bond through your feelings. Follow the illuminating light, the positivity to find happiness. The more you become aware of this ability the better it will be for you. It helps immensely when you stop trying to think with your mind and rather think with your heart. That’s how the soul speaks.

How To Seek Answers?

Look within yourself. Disconnect from the social world and concentrate on what your soul is saying. Be open minded and be prepared to accept the Universe’s message to you. It can come to you in myriad forms like symbols and images but it’s your job to decode it. Follow your heart and you will be able to do it. Ask yourself some simple questions that will help you understand how special the Twin Flame bond is.

Take a look within you, clear out the problems and live life as you want to.

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